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Update on Earl Falconer’s Health

Dear fans,

Upon his return from a holiday in Ibiza recently, our brother and legendary bass player Earl Falconer fell ill and was hospitalised. He was diagnosed with a form of meningitis.

Despite being seriously ill in hospital for a number of weeks, Earl is now at home resting and expected to make a full recovery. For this reason, Earl won’t be performing in the near future.

We want to say a huge thank you to the NHS, the wonderful ICU staff and Ward 4 staff, at Wallsall Care NHS who cared for Earl and gave him life saving treatment. It is thanks to them, that Earl is expected to make a full recovery from this aggressive infection.


“I would just want to say on a personal note to anybody who is 65 and over, to please get inoculated for meningitis. You should be automatically contacted by your GP once you reach 65. I was due to have my injection this coming January, so I was a bit unlucky, missing it by a few months.

I will definitely be back as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for all the lovely messages and support from family, friends and fans.

Big love” – Earl Falconer


Whilst Earl is recovering, all scheduled dates will be going ahead and Ben Torrens will be standing in for him. Please join us in wishing our brother Earl, a strong and speedy recovery.

Big Love

#UB40 #NHS