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Our Official UB40 App Has Arrived!

UB40 are thrilled to announce that our brand-new official fan zone app has arrived.

As a band, there is nothing we enjoy more than being able to travel the world and perform live to our fans; however a global pandemic and COVID-19 has made this impossible for 2020 and perhaps the near future.

That’s why we have found another intimate and exclusive way to interact with you all, right from your very own home!

The official UB40 Fan Zone App means we can connect directly to our fans, including streaming live videos, live chats, first access to new music and exclusive content.

Special features include:

  • Live video broadcasts
  • Live chats with the band
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • First access to new music
  • Read the Fan Wall
  • Post to the Fan Wall
  • Exclusive content
  • Listen to audio
  • Watch videos
  • Browse photos
  • Exclusive app notifications

For just £49.99 a year, all members will be given their own log in details and will be able to use the app as frequently as they like.

To find out more, visit our website or CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP today!