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Jeremy Corbyn hails UB40 as authentic socialist voice

Jeremy Corbyn paid reggae stars UB40 a surprise visit shortly before the band took to the stage at a sold-out Royal Albert Hall this week to mark the beginning of the group’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

The Labour Party leader also paid tribute to the band, saying, “UB40 has been an authentic socialist voice representing the many not the few for 40 years. They offered hope to millions in the 1980s when they sang with justified rage about the Thatcher government’s devastating effects on communities and eight years into another period of Tory government, they continue to offer that voice. Long may they last.”

In 2016, UB40 endorsed Jeremy Corbyn’s successful Labour leadership re-election campaign and joined him at a press conference to support his pledge to increase funding to the arts to reach the European average, so that “no one and no community is left behind.”

To further highlight UB40’s backing for Jeremy Corbyn, their new album and 2019 UK tour will be called ‘For The Many’.

UB40’s lead singer Duncan Campbell – who replaced his brother Ali after he quit the band in 2008 – said, “After ten years of fronting UB40, for us to do an album of our own original material feels like this is the final hurdle for me. The album and its title reflect how UB40 are all in support of Jeremy Corbyn. Both of the songs I have written on the album also reflect this support of The Labour Party. We all feel this album is an album going back to what UB40 was all about. We are all excited for everybody to hear the album and looking forward to touring it.”

Co-vocalist and guitarist Robin Campbell added, “The 2019 UK tour is a continuation of our 40th year celebrations. Playing forty dates around the UK, instead of a few arenas, means that our fans from all over the UK can get to see us much more locally and up close – truly a tour for the many.”

UB40 drummer Jimmy Brown said, “For The Many’ is a true reflection of where the band are at right now. It gave us an opportunity to go back to our roots and draw on the 1970’s-style reggae that inspired us to be in a band in the first place. There’s lots of dub, various guest toasters and a blend of love songs and political songs. We intended to make an uncompromising reggae album and I think we have achieved that.”

The group will also be releasing two companion versions of ‘For The Many’, as Brian Travers explains, “We have really enjoyed making this album, a huge amount of work went into it. It became a massive piece of work so, in addition to the regular version of the album, there will be a dub version and a collaboration version, featuring guest artists from all around the world.”

UB40 formed in 1978, naming themselves after the unemployment benefit form, before releasing their debut album ‘Signing Off’ in August 1980 – considered by many to be one of the greatest reggae albums ever released by a British band.

It was the start of a career that has since seen UB40 have forty UK Top 40 hit singles and – with sales of over 100 million records – seen their albums reside in the UK’s Top 75 album chart for a combined period of eleven years, making UB40 one of the most successful British groups of all-time.

The group’s ‘For The Many’ UK Tour in 2019 will begin at Portsmouth’s Guildhall on 29th March 2019, with the final night of the tour taking place at Waterside in Aylesbury on 21st May 2019. Tickets are available from,

To pre-order UB40’s ‘For The Many’ go to / / @UB40official /