View Full Version : Newbie to Forum - Long Time UB40 Fan

11th April 2015, 04:32 PM

New to the forum. Have been busy last few years and a bit out of the loop with whats going on. Only recently read about the UB40 split, my jaw hit the floor. I was a big fan of UB40 back in the day and was lucky enough to see them at Wembley and meet them backstage after (i was with my cousin who was terminally ill and the Starlight foundation arranged it).

I have spent the last few days recapturing the classic UB40 songs and videos on You Tube (my old Ub40 videos no longer play, must have worn them out).

I think its so sad what has happened, UB40 had something really special. But even more sad is the brotherly divide. You have one family in this life and you should cherish them no matter what, before its too late and you live the rest of your life with the regret. I dont know the ins and outs of what happened, but in my life family comes first.

To me UB40 is broken without Ali AND Robin, the songs dont sound like UB40 anymore. Ali has a special sound to his voice which you cannot replace.

Really upset, wish I hadnt read about it, damn you google. All I can say is life is short, dont leave it too late to sort it out. And lastly, love you Robin and Ali xxx

p.s if there was a forum on Ali's UB40 page i would put this on there too, but there isnt.