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Old 18th November 2009, 07:38 PM
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Default Rainbow DVD Distribution help wanted

Need to get a plan together as hopefully in about a week or so, I can get the DVD out to the masses

I know loads of people have pm'd me and replied on threads asking for a copy of the DVD.

Im not ignoring you, but I need to work out an efficient way to get it out to everyone that wants it. A lot of you have offered to pay for postage and/or the disk, but I want to avoid that as I dont want to be making any profit from this.

So......Im thinking of sending around 20 disks out initially to people who have the capability to copy and then distribute the dvd onwards again to others on the forum.

The disk I send out is more than likely going to be dual layered dvd and will be in a thin jewel case, without a dvd insert

This is purely to save on postage costs I have already made a full size DVD case insert, and will upload it so that anyone can download it and print it out for their collection.

It will be available in JPEG format for easy printing, and also in Nero Cover Designer Format.

The Nero cover will be a much better quality, so if you have it and can use it, I would go for that option

So, if you can copy dual layered DVD's (you will need to copy onto dual layered dvds too) and can help out with this, please post in this thread.

If you cant copy this type of dvd, please dont offer to now, as I need the first batch of discs to go to those who can copy and send on.

Joris has already volunteered to start the US distribution, so he will get first one over there

I will have some full copies with DVD cases and inserts ready for those who have helped out with the DVD, and one for UB40 and the guys at musicasculture.org.uk

Also if I get it done in time for MEN, those loonies going there can collet one from me there if its done in time

BT, if you get chance to read this as I know you might be a bit busy right now, if your offer of getting DUB2 to me is still there, I would appreciate it. I cant get to a gig till MEN on 5th December, and would love to get this done and dusted before then

If anyone has any suggestions feel free

DVD inserts are available here:

JPEG version

Nero Cover Designer version

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