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Old 17th April 2014, 12:37 AM
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Default How journalism works.

As most of us know, our ex-singer has attempted to mount a media campaign in order to discredit his old bandmates. It's feeble and has made absolutely no difference to our tour, which has been sold out well received.

None of the national mainstream media are interested in what is now an old story. And his internet traffic is unimpressive. So they have resorted to trying to pretend they are disgruntled fans who hated our show. Not that it will persuade the thousands of people we've played to over the last few weeks. But even that is too small to really matter.

But one newspaper has been fairly keen to give our ex-singer a platform for his delusions. That's a local rag called the Sunday mercury.

When we were asked for an interview, by its sister paper the Birmingham mail, we made it very clear that we didn't want to discuss our ex-singer before the interview. It was me and dunc who were given the job, and most of the interview was done by me. The journalist in question (I don't really care or remember what his name is) kept saying things like "I know you don't want to talk about aldi, but.......", and would then ask a question about him. This prompted me to reply that I didn't have much interest in what our ex singer had to say in his newspaper, I don't read it. End of story. The journalist went on to ask several questions about our current tour, I answered them and eventually passed over to dunc. Who spoke to the journalist for several minutes, a much shorter interview than mine. I didn't really listen to him very closely and left the room before dunc had finished.

A few days later the article that appeared was only about the "feuding brothers" and repeated all the same tired allegations that our ex-singer had already given to the rag of a newspaper. I had one line in the interview. The rest was about the "split" in the band and a quote from dunc in an unguarded moment (he's naturally upset at the fact that his little brother, who he was closest to, has turned out to be such an asshole), that gave them the excuse to focus the entire interview on tawdry gossip and tabloid tittle tattle.

Gutter journalism at its best.
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