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Old 6th May 2015, 04:01 PM
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Default Racism .... what dors it cover?

So I seemed to come across something yesterday ...hear me out ...it's a feeling , which I tried to put a name to ....

We walked into our hotel yesterday afternoon ....and I just felt it ... I just knew from the way she looked and threw the booking at me , which was in my name ...we were the only ones there ...but were given a tiny room up 3 flights of creaky steps away at the back of the hotel (bearing on mind that our friend had been there the day before) .....
I let it go but just knew .....

Then we went out shopping and the older lady said to me "is it too cold for you in this country ? " I laughed and said " I only come from a few miles down the road" .The pharmacist next to her looked like he,was going to die , so chatted to me ....I am sure it was meant kindly , I think ....

We walked back to the hotel, and picked up our key ( which we had to leave in reception) and again I just picked up that horrible feeling ....

Came back ecstatic ...again though I said swallow it when she said everything alright....no I wanted to say , everything is not alright

This morning I tried to pay and she threw a receipt at me , we left in the rain and my heart just got so heavy ...i said i have not had this feeling or been treated with such contempt since 80s Hungary. I said Racism..... near the train station the Mobile went and in a sarcastic tone she told me I had left without paying and my card was not working ....I was so taken aback , I burst into tears , went into an alleyway and again gave her my card details ...she kept calling me "mrs ... " and I said "I would never leave without paying"
I got on the train shaking with anger and crying ... I phoned back and she apologised only after l said I was "Title" and when I pointed out that I had a receipt which SHE should not have given me if I had not paid ...and that I was going to complain.....

So here is the thing though...
I know instinctively that she acted based on my name firstly if not my colour ...

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