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Default UB40 best medicine ever!!!!

It started on Tuesday evening had the opportunity to meet them in Rotterdam at their day off. Was nice catching up again, feels as too long ago, but thatís always the deal. We went out for dinner in our favourite restaurant Vapino. A pity Martin couldnít make it. We had a lot of good chatting and lots of laughs too. Dinner went over too soon. We had time to do some drinks in the hotel and had a good conversation with Robin about setlist and other stuff and about the holy grail of UB40 stuff ever, sorry cannot say more than this at the moment but Robin has something very special in his collection!!!
After the drinks we had to go back home because children came home on Wednesday.
Wednesday was there and children were really excited about what was going on. UB40 is our passion but that not necessary means the children likes that too. We went to Eindhoven and had a very short meeting before show. Show was brilliant even band has to work very hard because the music was bounced back to stage for them. In the gig area it was fine. Not really surprised but kids knew almost every song and my youngest Nina knew them all. After the show we went backstage and the kids finally met our heroís hahaÖ. They were so nice to all of them, signed their special made ub40 Holland tour shirts and had time enough for all the pictures taken. Tim, Wendy De Langen Boersís oldest had a really great picture with Dunc and was proud when ub40 did share that picture on internet. Timo my oldest had a great posse with Normski and Imke Wendyís youngest had a real huge picture with Normski. All the kids were so happy. Can you believe the felling I had afterwards, no?? I cannot either because you canít describe it. I have to put my ub40 cds away because want them all haha. Thursday they bounced all day, and they only thing heard was when can we go again smile-emoticon
Thursday I could only made it to the aftershow in Belgium. Was nice catching up with Sarah Foster. Was difficult talking in the beginning because she talked so fast but It cost me only a minute to deal with that. Thanks Sarah for teaching me how to speak English fast smile-emoticon
On Friday we checked in at the hotel and had lunch with Sarah and Normski it was at the lovely Vapiano again. We talked, laughed, eat and drink some nice coffees too. It was time to go for Zwolle Hedon. Traffic was really bad and it cost us more than 2 hours to get there. We went backstage for a quick drink and then gets into the crowd. Was great to catch up with all the Dutch loonies. UB40 were rocked thatís for sure but Dutch loonies were rocked too!!! Show was really great again and for me the best song is Donít Do The Crime especially the instrumental part in the middle is there were everything comes together with a lot of Goosebumps too . After the gig we had a few drinks and went straight back to the hotel, a short alcoholic drink before going to sleep.
Saturday it was time to go to Vlissingen. It was UB40ís 127th gig in Holland and there first completed seated show over here ever. Wendy and I had different seats row 19 chair 3 and row 18 chair 21. So could wave to Wendy and UB40 together. Thatís made us laugh a lot. We get in the venue before doors went open en had the opportunity to make some nice photo from stage and on the stage, Catch up with the crew and Paul arranged that we could sit together at the mixing desk with our friend Kevin too. It was so strange and I was never that far away from stage ever. It took 2 songs and then finally robin told that it was allowed to stand because they donít like a seated gig and if you are not going to stand donít be angry to the person for you who will stand for sure smile-emoticon after that words I betted Usain Bold, I did the 100 meters in 8 secs flat hahaha. It was great fun and beautiful to have so much space at another sold out gig. The owner of the venue told that they easily could sold it out twice or three times.
After the show band went to dinner and we could join them . didn't have much hunger so instate I took some beers. Did make some pictures for the venue owner. Then It was time to say goodbye. All members came to huge me and Wendy. Normski latest words were ďbro you are one of usĒ. thats giving you a proud feeling. We had time to say goodbyeo to the wonderfull crew also and they ask why we donít come over to the France show haha. The last week gives me so much energy so you can really say UB40 is the best medicine ever!!!!
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What a wonderful read Ubnormie, thank you for sharing. What an amazing experience for you. UB40 are my medicine too, I couldn't imagine life without them xx
"Share your light make a flower grow in the desert sand" Robin Campbell, UB40
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Old 2nd November 2015, 01:29 PM
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....to be taken every day, lol.
Great read, thanks for sharing. X
Love & Respect
Miss Puma x
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Old 2nd November 2015, 06:40 PM
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Another great review from you, thanks
Reasons why I love you six, I'm addicted you're my fix
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Old 4th November 2015, 04:40 PM
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good stuff Norman...

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Old 5th November 2015, 09:34 PM
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Excellent review Normie..............and they are a natural drug indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 5th November 2015, 09:51 PM
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yes, energising, invigorating and mind altering in the best sense!
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Thumbs up

Nice one...
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