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Old 12th March 2014, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by JB40 View Post
Dunno what you've been reading OL, but it's obviously p1ssed you off.

I can understand why some (who don't really know any better) would be clamouring for earl to join (whatever they are called today). Aldi is desperate for a credible band member to join him. He knows the hard core of creativity is still with ub40, astro never contributed musically and didn't write much after RITK. We are toying with the idea of posting some of the contributions astro has made to some of the bands more recent output, then it will obvious to everyone why he has a lower profile as time went on. And we aren't just talking GOTS. His rapping was so bad even the studio magic trickles couldn't save any of it. Aldi needs more than just a tambourine player with a suspect sense of rhythm to give his tawdry tribute band some credibility.

Maybe you should take a bet.

Tell them to put there money on it. Bet them that earl will still be with UB40 in 12 months time and put 100 quid on it.

Have a little side bet that Aldi mickey and astro will have split in 12 months. I reckon you've got a good chance of winning that one too.
Idlove to hear soem of those clips J.B, I could play them to one of my colleagues who says that now Astro has left "UB40 are crap as both their vocalists have gone". Id love to let her hear what one of the vocalists sounds like without any tinkering.
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yep both are crap. i have a who you fight on for cd with just vocal and baseand obviousky the guys were just starting to put the album together reasons even has different lyrics ouch for your eardrums its painful
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Closed by request. Move on lol
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