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Old 23rd November 2009, 10:12 AM
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Unhappy Tarts On Tour (Belfast Edition)!!!

Phew what a crazy 24hours!!!

I had planned to meet HickPaul at our local airport to fly out to Ireland together on Sat morning...he was fllhying in from a business trip in China earlier that morning and so we were on track to meet up and fly out at around 11am! Sooooo, I arrived at Leeds Bradford Airport at 9.00am ready to check in and get my groove on in Ireland a couple of hours later...only to see the thickest fog Ive seen in years rolling in over the Yorkshire hills...and so it got thicker and thicker and thicker... after 1hr it was ridiculous - seriously you could not see anything..and the Belfast flight info changed to delayed. So another Cappucino & a trash mag later I notice the flight from China is RE-DIRECTED TO HUMBERSIDE (Hull)!! WTF??? and so the frantic txts to Paul & the Tartlets started. No planes were taking off or landing from LBA! Of all the blooming days!!

In the meantime, Paul lands at Humberside and accostes some poor dood who's hiring a car to get a lift to Leeds....*hes a cheeky bugger* and soooooo funny!!!

So I wait and watch the screens to be told 2hrs later we are being bussed to Doncaster Airport - some 1.5hrs away!! Another frantic call to Paul - stop, dont come to Leeds, go to Doncaster.....!!! PMSL...so he ends his hitchhicking trip at Leeds Train Station..in order to get a train to Donni centre then another cab to the Airport (now I get travel sick - so after a mini panic attack and a pack of travel sick tabs later, I board the coach to Donni) So the coach sets off to Donni....some 20mins into the journey the coach driver gets a call and puts an announcement out...HE'S TURNING ROUND GOIN BACK TO LBA!!!! There were no security staff working at Donni airport - they were not expecting any flights in on Saturday so no passengers could go through and no planes could land/take off!!!!!!! OMG - PAUL!!!! Frantic call to Paul (again)! Stop, get off the train, do not go to Doncaster. Turn around and get your butt to Leeds...!!!!! The fog had started to lift (apparently) and they were sending a fresh new propella plane from Belfast to LBA and it would be there around 3pm!!! For Fks sake...

....and so some 4hrs later I ended up right back where I was at 9am that I morning!! Totally drugged up as overdosed in panic on travel sick tabs..drowsy as fk and kinda laffin to myself in a wierd mental patient kinda way!!

...and then the doors slid open and out of the swirling fog emerged the TRAVELLING MAN!!! Paul had arrived..we hugged and then just burst out laffing..collected our 'refreshment vouchers' supplied by the Airport and headed straight to bar!!!! hahahaha Now I ordered a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, Paul decided we needed alcohol and proceeded to force me to drink a thimble of clear liquid...which to this day I think was some sort of date rape drug! It definately did not mix well with a bacon sandwich...and from there we just giggled & took the pi*s for the next 2hrs - everyone else was tense and stressed coz of the messing about, we were just getting mashed. The fog seriously lifted, the plane landed, we boarded and we took off...more free refreshments (in the form of alcohol) were served and we had our own mini kareoke session on the plane, one headphone each, ub choons booming out and we swayed and danced in out seats until we told to TURN IT OFF!! hahaha *he is seriously funny!*

We arrived at the hotel with probably 1hr to spare, even though I tried to pay with Euros...no one told me Northern Ireland didnt use Euros! Durrr Met up with the Tarts..who were already 3 sheets to the wind and so the TartParty began! we talked, sang, danced, drank, laffed and got ready for the gig..*not knowing at this stage there was a man with a glass to the wall listening to our conversations* too funny

..we headed downstairs met with the loonies and Duncan in the bar..and then we had to leave - arrived at the venue, with our mini brass section (Gerrio had bought kiddies trumpets, saxaphones for us all) so we took our position on the front row - how the hell me managed that i have no idea!!! and so we proceeded to put Brian off by mimicking the brass section where ever possible!! haha

The set list...hmmm personally The Train Is Coming is NOT an opening track. The new stuff was great to hear and it was all over way way too soon as all UB gigs are! We danced, laffed, cried (jane RIP), danced and laffed tons more..we just had such a great time at the gig.

Back at base Malmaison..my head was spining - seriously (I blame that clear liquid)!! and possibly the 3 bottles of wine I probably consumed before the gig....went to my room and crashed! Yes totally crashed out until the morning.....TOTALLY MISSING THE PARTY DOWNSTAIRS!! Can you beleive after all the trouble it took to get me there...I blooming missed mingling with the loonies & the boys...outrageous!! What a lightweight loser!!!

Sooo for the aftershow events - you will have to choon into one of the other reviews!

*I had a great time tho* Thanks to the Tarts and Hicky for being fantastic mates and making the trip so much more enjoyable ...cant wait to hear the Glasgow Review!!

Big Love
xxxx (photo evidence on facebook)
Big Love

.....don't let it pass you by......
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Old 23rd November 2009, 10:18 AM
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Thumbs up

Well that was some review Jools with all that trouble at t'airport I am not surprised you crashed lol But as you enjoyed everything else, it was all worth it right?
Big Luv


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Old 23rd November 2009, 10:29 AM
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Great Review Joolz

Blimey, you two put in some miles, Glad you enjoyed the gig, Shame you missed the after party!!!
Love & Respect
Miss Puma x
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Old 23rd November 2009, 10:49 AM
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What is it with the tarts flights?? Always a drama for someone I am a nervous wreck just reading all that messing around Joolz I'm never travelling anywhere with any of you's.

Am at mini brass section. Music and good friends are made to bring out all your emotions, both seem to have done there trick.
Some of my best friends are songs

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Old 23rd November 2009, 10:50 AM
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Great read, thanks
Boom Shakalaka Boom Boom Boom
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Old 23rd November 2009, 11:04 AM
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Joolz, gutted I missed meeting you. Timing, we, Marg and Michele had gone to queue up at the gig before you had arrived at the hotel and then we were stood further over to you at the gig, so didn't see you in the crowd. Afterwards, as you've explained you'd crashed out before we got back. We'll meet up one day. Another gig somewhere, lol.

An unseasoned traveller like me would have been cr*pping myself going through all that experience, glad you survived to write the review. Thanks.

love jx
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Old 23rd November 2009, 11:22 AM
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OMG Joolz what a story!!!!
Glad you finally made it to the gig and had a good time.
X Paula
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Old 23rd November 2009, 11:40 AM
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1st Class review as usual Joolz Im pretty sure I have had a few meetings with them tarts

Sorry you wont be here in Glasgow We will have a few drams on you

Hope we catch up at a venue real sooooooooooooooooooooooon
Im A Rebel Soul Rebel Im A Capturer Soul Adventurer......

Peace...........Love..............Respect......... CFC
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Old 23rd November 2009, 12:17 PM
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my god..the things we do to see the boys eh??
glad you got there in the end...was lovely catching up with the tarts...as always!
~Bring your sweet loving..bring it on home to me..yeah~
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Old 23rd November 2009, 12:20 PM
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PS: I LOVED that song as a starter
Some of my best friends are songs

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belfast review, tarts in belfast

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