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Default Watford review.....

copied from my review on the facebook page...I kept it short and sweet lol

It all started way back in November when we got our tickets for Watford. ....fast forward 6 months...... we got into town early for a few sherberts in the sun hoping to see some likely loonie suspects..... lo and behold we see Michele Landau with her friend. ..brief chat and off she goes to queue, we drink up and move onto The Horns in the hope we'd see more....Mia and Nige and a couple of the Dutch Posse turned up for a drink. ..good to see them all again, I won the Facebook comp from The Colloseum for a GOTS cd so off I trot to collect and saw the loonies on the steps...brief waves and hello's to all and back to the battle cruiser to check the fosters lol, had message from Martin Meredith inviting me and Nikki Mcphillips backstage after, we finish our drinks and head round, in the queue we meet all the usual suspects. ..too many to name lol, we made our way to the usual spot front of stage, Alex Nunes Gold got us going with some classic tracks and dubs then the lights went down Jimmy came on and BOOM BOOM BOOM came the start of Present Arms and that set us all off, when they played the "secret tracks" I and everyone was mesmerised......loved them! Brian Travers made us laugh when he said "I think I just played that one out of tune" but we wont hold it against you lol, he made me laugh again when he mimicked my darts lol, all too soon it all finished and we made our way to the backstage bar area where we were joined by Martin and Robin, saw a few loonies I aint met yet including our resident doctor Anant Shah (good to finally meet you mate) brief chat with Martin Meredith (mega thanks yet again) and a very brief appearance from Laurence Parry, got shirt signed by RBC & Martin, dunno where the other band members were but they earned the rest lol, in short....we came......we saw....THEY PLAYED. ..THEY WAS THE DOGS......thank you UB40. ...I think Watford loves you
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nice one

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Lived up to the hype Les, it was a great day/night
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