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Default Walgreens and UB40

I am a Pharmacist at Walgreens and have been noticing something kind of nice while at work. The music programmer has been playing some of the original versions of songs that were eventually covered by UB40.

Most recently, I have heard "Tracks of My Tears" (perfomed by linda ronstat), and Teresa Brewers "Get along Without You Now." I keep wondering why they dont play the UB40 versions, but oh well.

In the past, I have heard "Kiss And Say Goodbye," "The Way You Do The Things You Do," "All In The Game" (Dunx UB40 Debut), and Al Greene's "Here I Am."

So It's clear to say that UB40 are having an Influence on the music programming that is happening over the pa systems of our Walgreens. Now, I'll see what I can do to get the UB40 versions played too. he he.

Inidentally, RBC, It was at a Walgreens the I used to work at that we fill a prescription for you when you were under the weather in Salt Lake City in 2006.

Here's to a healthy relationship between ya'll and and the pharmacy.

Aaron A
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