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Default Was all fun

I remember the good old days! When this board was full of posters and everyone had a right giggle and laugh on here, it seems so long ago when there was the constant same people on every post! Funny how all the abuse was always aimed at gran ( Janice ) and debs was always quiet innocent one! ... You had pixi and mags! Shazaling and then tik ... Lucio and Helena! Heymon and Lara! Caryn... Lesski! And SOOO many more! I do miss this board as I do check it every now and again
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and do ya remember when my "quo" lot invaded this mb and then the ubloonies ivaded our mb?
great fun that was.
i luvs status quo i do.
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The old blue BB ruled.
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Im here Dave-ski
No-one seems to see me, its as if i dont exsist,

i'm going nowhere & i know i wont be missed!!

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25yrs on...finally JFT96 YNWA
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I still pop in from time to time. The last Fanfest I went to was in 2005. Was it that long ago?
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