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Old 23rd December 2015, 11:30 AM
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Default to my 9 big brothers

Itís going to take ages to stop grinning from ear to ear and to come down from cloud 9! Not that Iím complaining at all!! No, no, just got to write again, canít thank you enough, UB40!!!!
I love going to see UB40 in Birmingham but, this particular time, seemed to be all the more special somehow. Like the icing on the cake. After having such a fabulous two years of going to more UB40 gigs than I have ever managed before. I have had such a wonderful time, thanks to 9 very special, talented blokes, who I am just totally addicted to (in the nicest possible, respectful, way of course ! LOL). Addicted to your fabulous, contagious, reggae music.
Itís been the happiest, most exciting time I have ever had! I swear I have enjoyed each gig more than the previous one. You guys never fail to do us proud and give us a night to remember, and boy do I have some special memories to keep from this tour. Thank you so very much. I have made many friends through UB40 also, that I hope will be friends for life. On top of all the fabulous music you spoil us with, for those of us lucky enough to get the chance, it is a pleasure and delight and absolute privilege to meet you in person. Please know we so appreciate your time, and friendship and hospitality. Thank you for being so patient and putting up with all the photograph requests! THANK YOU FOR MY CAMPBELL SANDWICH! To see the music we listen to on a daily basis, come alive on that stage, and to get the chance to say hi to you as well, is a real treat for us fans to treasure forever. Canít express enough what it means. Remember how you felt, meeting your heroís, when you made Fathers of Reggae album? Multiply that a few times, you might come close! You mean the world to us!
Hey, werenít Steel Pulse amazing!! I loved their energy, loved the vibrant colourful outfits. They sounded amazing! Hands up, I had not followed them, so until I knew about this gig, I did not have any of their music, but bought a couple of CDs and liked what I heard, and really, thoroughly enjoyed their performance, they were wicked. Would definitely go see them again, and will buy more of their music now too. They have a new fan. Yet another reggae artist UB40 have introduced me to. My reggae collection not so big and up until recently mainly consisted of UB40, but it is growing slowly as I can afford to, I am buying more reggae music. Getting truly hooked. (Better late than never I expect you are saying!).
But as enjoyable as Steel Pulse were, no one comes close to UB40. When the lights dim, the music starts, and you can see Jimbobs white T shirt through the dark, so you know heís about to come on, and your yelling for him to get behind those drums, you just want it to startÖÖ by this time we are in a frenzy and just needing our fix of UB40. Its hairs on the back of the neck timeÖÖ goose bumpsÖÖ by the time Duncan is on stage and we have all 9 of you making that wonderful sound of yours, we are bursting will joy. I never want it to end! I wish I could bottle that feeling! Have enjoyed ALL the various set lists. Sing Our Own Song, Love Is, Silent Witness, Donít break my Heart, Oh America, Baby, Iíll be your baby tonight, all the G.O.T.S. songs, standing out in my personal memory. Iíve probably missed some of my favourites there. Of course, G.O.T.S. album is even more special now, because when I play it now, in my head I am transported to one of the gigs from this tour and the memories and happy feeling comes flooding in! Love the way the bass booms in your chest. Love Duncanís voice, but love it when Robin, Earl, Norman take the lead too. Whatís not to love about UB40? Such talent! Love how you move around and wave and wink and acknowledge us lucky ones at the front and others that you see and recognise. You have a real presence on stage, itís like, itís not just another band up there, itís our bezzie mates, and donít you do us proud, you always give us a night to remember. Like a special big family party. Be careful though, Dunc, sometimes you get so close to the edge of the stage I think youíre going to fall off!!! Seriously, I feel very lucky to be around at the same time as you guys! You are the best live band EVER, no other band has moved me this much! You total rock my soul and you take up all the room in my heart. If I couldnít hear your music, life would be so urghhh  . You bring a lot of happiness to my days, I am forever in your debt!
I love you guys like my own family. In fact, I am officially adopting all 9 of you as my big brothers! (( well I donít know all your ages, most probably at least 3 of you will have to be my little brothers )). Wish you really were my bros, so I could hang out with you, and hug and thank you every day! Iím so proud to be a fan.
Please hurry up with that new album!! Well I guess these things canít be rushed if done properly, but you know what I mean. Just canít get enough of UB40, and the thought of new album of UB40 written songs to listen to is truly music to our ears!! Canít wait! Youíre the best. We love you ((in case you hadnít noticed ha ha ! )).
"Share your light make a flower grow in the desert sand" Robin Campbell, UB40
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Old 23rd December 2015, 07:15 PM
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That was a great read
Reasons why I love you six, I'm addicted you're my fix
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Old 23rd December 2015, 09:23 PM
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Wow. Epic read Lynne. Great to meet you. X
Love & Respect
Miss Puma x
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Old 24th December 2015, 11:31 AM
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Lyn, once again you have expressed everything I feel, I am only now coming back down to earth from Sunday! Hope we can meet during the next tour! Have a lovely festive season...

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Old 24th December 2015, 03:12 PM
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Ok so my next mission is to introduce Linda to Lyn - expect me to get your names mixed up but I'm making it my business!

Lyn, I only logged on to get some car insurance quotes but I'm happy to have been distracted by your (always) lovely, heartfelt post. I can be eloquent but I'm not even going to try, you have summed up the past 4 tour legs, and the double header gigs more than well enough.

Wishing anyone connected even remotely with this band, including Loonies, crew, family oh and I guess band members too the most wonderful festivities and here's too a reggaetastic 2016!
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Old 24th December 2015, 03:32 PM
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Lynnie was a lovely read. I am so feeling your joy, this has been an amazing year and one I wont forget in a hurry. Campbell sandwich, yum yum lol
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Old 24th December 2015, 04:16 PM
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Michele, it is simple enough - I am the Jock (don't like it, but saddled with it!) see you next year somewhere you least expect..... xx

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