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disgraced tory Liam fox has been on the news recently.

we might ponder why an mp who had to resign because he was found setting up personal arms deals with tyrannical saudi while he was supposed to be on government business.[ A trip set up for himself and his best mate using tax payers money of course], should be invited on to the BBC news to give us his opinion on surveillance and security.

according to fox we should all be able to sleep soundly in our beds because we have the security services on call 24/7. fighting the good fight against the forces of evil. and we shouldn't be restricting MI5/6 in their duty to fight this war against terrorism. they should be given any powers necessary for this, even to be able to intrude into anyones e-mails or phone calls or computers without the need to get any permission. But, according to Liam, we should all be happy to give up this freedom and privacy in order to fight these terrorists, who are trying to take away our freedom. . . . . .

it starts to unravel doesn't it ??

but our liam is telling porkies again.

one of the things we learned from the snowden revelations, but wasn't much reported in the press, was that the american security services were mainly bugging western governments and corporations.

In what way is bugging western governments and multi national corporations fighting against terrorism ???

well, it isn't.

The NSA were involved in massive, global industrial espionage.

the american corporations were using the apparatus of the state to get an edge on their competitors. All this at the tax payers expense of course.

Wall street and corporate america are so out of control that they are using their power over the government to make themselves EVEN RICHER.

The state machinery that WE all pay for isn't being used for our benefit at all. It's being used by private individuals to enrich themselves, and hiding their ill gotten gains in tax havens, courtesy of the city of london.

And liam fox, like several other MP's, are members of a shadowy organisation called the 'Atlantic bridge". who are essentially creating a back door in the UK for these same corporate thieves who have kidnapped the american government and have an eye on doing the same in the UK.

its a multi pronged assault by corporations to run nation states and undermine our democracy. it includes private health, finance, defence, policing and education.

And countless MP's [mostly tory, but some labour and lib deems too] will personally benefit financially for their treason.

the 'war against terror' is just a smokescreen.
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