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Old 13th May 2014, 09:28 PM
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Default Sax Mouthpiece Pikey

Hi there Martin,

I was wondering if you could please advice me of your Alto Saxophone setup,
Mostly in regards to Mouthpiece, ligature, reed setup.

I have been thinking about upgrading these as I have only been playing on the Stock mouthpiece that comes with the horn,

I have been using the Alexander superial reeds that Brian uses and are loving them. But im sure I could achieve a much fatter, round sound, rather than the far to bright sound I currently get.

Also would you suggest I learn how to do circular breathing?
I have been told it is helpful when playing but what would you suggest?

I am off to south africa soon for a 2 year trip, and am taking my horn, What would you suggest for travel tips, taking the horn?

Cheers Pikey,
Loving the New Material and Loving the last tour.
Big Love
UB40 for Life
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Old 14th May 2014, 02:11 PM
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Hi dukeofnapier, thanks for the message,

For me I play on a Bobby Dukoff D7 mouthpiece and love it, they are I believe hand made so you perhaps need to try a few, a good friend of mine has exactly the same set up but does not get the sound that I get from mine, I have also tried his D7 and it is less responsive for sure.

I play on Rico Royals 2.5 and they are the only reeds I have ever got on with. I have tried loads, however, don't let that put you off as I may not have given the others the time need to get used to them. I have never needed though to look to change the Ricos as they have always been great for me.

Circular breathing, depends if you are going to play loads of long passages or make it part of you act, I'm not sure it is totally worth it. If you want to do it, the best method to learn is with a straw and a cup of water and keep the bubbles going. It takes a while.

Travelling, always keep your horn with you and look out for gigs in pubs and hook up with other musicians. You will probably end up making friends and having free digs too along the way.

Have a lovely time and take care. If you haven't done so yet, learn the minor blues scale in at least 6 keys. That will get you through any blues gig that may pop up. lol
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Old 14th May 2014, 09:33 PM
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If you're coming to Cape Town, first round's on me!
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