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Old 23rd April 2014, 11:43 PM
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Default We're all in it together.. . . Er. . . .

Came across a discussion in the comments section of the guardian. The subject of the article was the fact that over a million people have been forced into greater poverty by the policies of this crass government. A Tory supporter commented that most of these people were scroungers and it was a good thing that these malingerers are being taught a lesson. The main ideology driving Tory welfare policie is to prevent people spending their life on handouts.

The reply to the Tory was so revealing that I thought I might cut and paste it here.

And it was the ONS which supplied it to me. )
930 - out of a working-age population of 33 million. Have been on JSA more than 10 years.
Of course, the trolls would then say it's about all those malingerers on DLA or whatever. The ONS has an answer for that, too.
7 million people, including sick children and pensioners, are registered as disabled. Of the working age population, about 5 million are disabled - 4 million of them work. Malingering is actually quite rare.
What the trolls always ignore when I post it is the increase in long term unemployment since this government took office. From the ONS again - people claiming JSA for 3 years has gone up from 5,090 in 2010 to 57,340 now. That's a more than tenfold increase, and as it has occurred since the Tories took over they can't blame Labour for it.
Despite all the hot air about millions of new jobs in the private sector, more people in work than ever, etc.etc. the fact is that unemployment, in 4 long years, has gone from 2.5 million to 2.3 million. The people who have these new jobs are predominantly self-employed or in low paid part time work - and they are still having to claim benefits in order to survive.
We are now spending more in benefits for people who work than we spend on benefits for those who don't. The trolls won't admit that either.
It's much easier to pretend that everything the Tories say is true and anyone who is poor is poor because they are freeloading scum.
It isn't true now, it hasn't ever really been true apart from a small minority, and this research paper like so many others is proof that this government is deliberately and systematically withdrawing vital support from people who can't fight back. Bastards.
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Old 24th April 2014, 12:21 AM
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The post continued . . . .. .

There are 2.3 million people on JSA or its Work Programme equivalent. There were 2.5 million in 2010.
There are 2.6 million people on Incapacity Benefit or ESA - exactly the same as in 2010. They include people who are not capable of work temporarily, and who have jobs but who have run out of SSP; about a million of those churn over every year as people get better, go back to work, and are replaced by others who break a limb or get cancer or whatever and claim temporarily. As soon as one person gets chucked off IB/ESA, another goes back on because they win an appeal.
That 2.6 million remains unchanged - has done for years - because at any one time the same proportion of the working age population is sick, and that figure is less than 1%.
Lots of people claim income support too, people who have caring responsibilities, and many of them work as well.
There are indeed other benefits. Most of them are paid to people who work.
Of a total budget of 108 Billion, excluding pensions, this is where the money goes:
Housing/benefit top ups for working people - 42 Billion.
Child care and child benefits for families - 37 Billion.
Sick, disabled, including working age people, children and OAPs - 31 Billion.
Unemployed on JSA - 5 Billion.
The lion's share goes to people who work and families (many of whom also work) NOT the sick, NOT the disabled, and NOT the unemployed.
Unless you have personally asked every single person in Salford what they live on, you do not know they are claiming benefits, do you?
If you truly believe that all the people you think are on benefits shouldn't be, then it is your civic duty to report them all. The number you require is 0800 854 440.
Bear in mind that all calls are followed up and 97.3% of all calls are mistaken or malicious......do let us know how you get on.
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Old 24th April 2014, 09:11 AM
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good read...

the problem with long term unemployment can be solved if people just change their atitudes.... we are in a paradox...let me explain..

people think that all long term unemployed must be lazy,damaged etc, because thats what the govt and media tell them, so.....
when anybody goes to an interview and admits to being unemployed for a long period, they are automatically dismissed by the company, because of said image...
so unless these atitudes change, you wont solve the problem.

also peoples egos get in the way in interviews, ive been interviewed at times by people not fit to do it. theres a lot of skill involved in interviewing people, why does it take a pycologist 4-7 years to train..u cannot sus someone out in 10 mins, or by a piece of paper, be it a cv or app form..
which means sometimes you catch out the interviewer make them look silly, unintentionally,,no job.

also many companies now are doing their recruitment online, and letting a computer pick the people for them,, now thats lazyness..
so if u dont give the computer the answer they want to hear, your app is automatically trashed, no human even looks at it,, this is not good..

atitudes need to change and people, like the tory u mention, are actually the problem..
by the way have anyone noticed when going to shops, that they only seem to employ middle age women and young people, do u ever see a bloke in his 40's stocking shelves at these shops..next time you guys go shopping take a look..a lot of long term unemployed are blokes over 40. cause no one will give them a chance.. what a kind of stupid society, scraps men over 40, people who are experianced, tho maybe thats the problem.. and this is where egos get in the way...
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Old 25th April 2014, 04:48 PM
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Our Liberal Democrat US Senator from California, Nancy Pilosi, had made a statement a few months back suggesting that unemployment was a form of freedom, allowing people more time in their busy days to do what they wanted to do, such and art classes, painting, etc.

I never thought that the solution to unemployment was to simply look for the silver lining on the clouds, or to look at the bright side, you dont have to work, look at all of the time you now have to do what your want.

So it sounds like we got Tory's and Democrats cut from the same (out-of-touch) cloth called "politician."

In another side note, with military implications, Putin said that if the west does not stop its aggression in Kiev, he will be forced intervene militarily. I never knew that the west was aggressive to Kiev. The news is seriously lacking good reporting if this is the case. The only reporting has been that Russia has annexed The Crimea, and has lined its tanks on the eastern Ukraine border, performing military "training."

Look I dont hate anyone, not russians nor westerers, and I realize there are divergent opinions on this. I just dont want WWIII on our doorstep.

Sorry, I dont mean to change the topic. we can go back to tory talk. I was just pointing out that we got some disconnection on the whole panel of our leaders, from conservativs, liberals, and communists. Boiled down, one should be wary if a politician opens his or her mouth.
Believing in nothing is hard to believe. Discovering something is hard to achieve.

But I'd rather be a free man in my grave, than living as a puppet or a slave.
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