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Default JB Drum Trigger Question

Greetings Mr Brown

I have recently started triggering sounds the same way how you do it
I have been working very hard learning all the UB40 Tracks, Writing down and transcribing Drum, Bass, Sax, Guitar and keys parts.
I have been watching lots of videos where you are triggering samples and was wondering a few things,
Firstly may I ask as to what songs you are triggering samples in, as im sure there are many I am missing?
Secondly I was wondering what setting or settings are your Electronic Drum sounds set to, or what is the sound-set used on the drums- (Snare, Toms etc). Lastly how to do get your samples from tracks from years gone by?
I was wondering If there was anyway I could get a copy of some of your samples used, I have tried recording some but they just don't create the full UB40 sound?
Specifically, The Middle of Red Red Wine, I got you babe, Many Rivers,
Stick by me, Tears from my eyes,If It happens again, etc
I am hoping to finally after many years put on a major scale UB40 Tribute concert in Support, Thanks, and gratitude for all that UB40 has done for me personally in terms of my Inspiration for music, without you guy I wouldn't have become a musician at all. Not only me but also for the world.
Hope you can help in anyway possible Jim,

Much Love to You and the Band
UB40 for Life

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