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Default I Really Cant Say

This should've been a single, its a classic! Catchy and a great horn line, been playing Guns in the Ghetto today, one of my favorite albums from ub40. the production is solid, not too heavy electronic sound, more subtle, the percussion and drums are superb.
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gitg and love it when you smile are my faves from that album. hurry come up was prob the weakest for me
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Good album.
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Great album!
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Listening to the album quite a lot recently, appreciating the b-lines more and more. But, absolutely love the vocals on this track tho. Be nice to hear 1 or 2 tracks live again
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Four years after P&L I was expecting more. Ali seemed off form as he had been on P&L and the live performance on Joolz Holland wasn't one his greatest vocal moments (sound familiar?!)

No lead vocals from Earl, Norman or Astro let alone Robin didn't help either.

The Mojo on that record apart from 'Always There' and the title track just wasn't there.

Had the album been toured live I would have had a different view.

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I have to disagree as I really loved this album, although GITG carried a different vibe, I felt a massive departure from what UB40 had recorded before on promises and lies, I thought the same with guns in the ghetto.

Guns in the Ghetto, Always There, I Love It When You Smile, Oracabessa Moonshine & Lisa I think are all outstanding recordings.
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