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Default Another 'Tarts On Tour' Dublin Review

Well here goes again.

I did do this 10 days ago, but it being April 1st my IT dept thought it would be hilarious to play a prank on me and corrupted my post full of random pictures!

Have not really had the time to redo it all, but have an hour now, so will try to remember as much of it as I can.

My fellow Tart Caroline summed it all up beautifully, but I will just fill in the gaps where she omitted to tell of the shenanigans that we got up to!

So we both arrived just after 8.00am in Dublin airport. The giddiness and giggling began in earnest as we traveled into Dublin City. It was great to catch up and talk non stop UB40!

We knew we could not check into the airport that early, so we done a bit of shopping and then went to Tesco to buy some ‘Room Essentials’ (Alcohol, Scooby snacks etc).

When we got to the alcohol section it was all cordoned off! We were told by a staff member that we could not walk in the alcohol isles until 10.30……It was only 10.15! Not wanting to traipse around the supermarket for 15 mins we just stood at the cordon looking like a couple of desperado lushes. But time soon passed and armed with our alcohol and Scooby snacks we went to find a cab to the hotel. We were told by a nice man that we will get a taxi rank just around the corner at ‘The Church’ restaurant. I knew the restaurant as I had booked it for lunch at I knew it was just a short walk from the hotel. When we got to ‘The Church’ we asked a few people if they knew which direction the hotel was and not one of them had a clue, so we jumped into a taxi……………to be taken around the corner!! Couple of lazy blonde bimbo’s the taxi man must have thought.

So we try to check into the hotel and I think the giddiness must have been catching as the nice man on the reception desk upgraded our room, gave us 2 lovely hot cookies and told us to ‘Misbehave fabulously’ Great quote.

Went up to the room and had a good ole catch up and then let our honorary ‘Tart’ Tanya ‘Tiny Tart’ know that we were there and to spin on by when she was ready and we would all go to lunch. Tanya came and the 3 of us walked literally for 2 minutes to the restaurant around the corner where Caroline and I had got a cab from just a few hours before!

It was a beautiful setting and there the giggles really started. We had a lovely lunch and then had a few drinkipoo’s. Then Niall (Raffer) came to join us. He had to play catch up to be in our zone, but it didn’t take him long. We all had a great time but all too soon it was time to go and get ready for the gig.

So to the gig we went and I think I echo what everyone is saying about the boys and the set list. They blew the roof off the Academy – literally! They seem to have a renewed passion and energy and they looked like they loved every minute as much as we did. During the gig we were joined by Sharon and Tic and there was lots of greetings and cuddles. It was great to see that they could just not stay at home when the boys were so close to them.

After the gig we headed back to the hotel and had a few more drinks with some of the boys and they genuinely seemed to be delighted with the performance and the crowd and they were buzzing.

Some random bloke singing ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’ to me was our cue to depart so we went back to our room. I slipped into my onesie, ordered cheese toasties from room service and put on the kettle for my hot water bottle before we slipped into a nice long sleep.

The next day we basically chilled and done nothing at all (something of a luxury in itself!) Just relaxed and chatted about the night before and how we were so impressed with the performance.

So, all too soon we had to prise our lazy butts from the bed and start getting ready for a repeat performance…..It’s a hard life eh? Tanya joined us and we made our way to the pub to get a bite to eat before the drinking and partying started again. We were joined again by Shaz and Tic and also Carolanne and Tom who had driven down from Belfast. As you can imagine there was big love in that bar from then on in. They were playing UB40 songs and it was really getting us all lubricated and chomping on the bit for the gig. The next thing I knew, someone said it was 7.50 and I ordered everyone to get out of there and up the road to the gig!

So, front row secured, we enjoyed the DJ’s choons and the anticipation was building until finally, at 9.00 on the dot – the boys appeared and done what they do best! Another brilliant night and the place went mad for them. Scanning the crowd behind me I just saw a sea of people dancing, waving their arms and loving the band. It was electric.

All too soon it was over. Luckily the brass section were to play a few numbers in a club around the corner with the tribute band Promises and Lies. Unfortunately Caroline and I had a lovers’ tiff so left early. It was probably for the best as we had our flights booked home at an unearthly hour the next morning. So off we trotted leaving the others dancing their little socks off.

And so it was all over…………..

With a heavy heart we went our separate ways and headed home, full, but empty. Hearts full of love but empty that it was all over.

So as we hand the gig baton over to you guys, have a blast and enjoy every minute. I give you a 100% money back guarantee that they will blow you away.

Thanks to ‘Tiny Tart’ Tanya for all her funny photos and quips – enjoy the rest of your gigs hun. To Niall for looking after us girlies so well and being such a gentleman, it was a pleasure catching up with you again. To Shaz, Tic, Carolanne & Tom – you are bunch of nutters and I love you. Most of all to my lovely ‘Touring Tart’ and best mate Caroline, thanks for coming to Dublin (and putting up with this ole ‘Flakey Tart’) we have some more lovely memories for the hard drive and as always it was a pleasure spending time with you. Love you babe xxxx

To all the other Loonies going to gigs in the coming days/weeks/months – have a blast!!

‘Flakey Tart’ over and out xxxx
My dad, my hero x
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Old 11th April 2014, 09:43 PM
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Awe Gerrio what a lovely read.
It was the best craic wasn't it?

We`re shown no respect
But that can`t break our pride,
When our backs to the wall
We won`t run and we won`t hide
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Old 11th April 2014, 10:18 PM
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Well I waited patiently.. and there it was!
Nice read Gerrio. Sounds like you had fun!
And not as much drama as usual.. no planes missed, no last minute rushes
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Old 11th April 2014, 10:46 PM
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Hah ha great read ...could just imagine you all standing behind the cordon looking desperate LOL ...and going to the hotel room in your onsie indeed H aha
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Old 12th April 2014, 02:20 AM
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Ba-da-boom...eh boom, boom, boom
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Old 12th April 2014, 12:01 PM
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Awe gerrio, what a fabulous read that was.
What great memories lol. We do make an awesome bunch of
gigging/drinking buddies don't we?

A taxi from the church to the hotel? Lmao
It probably took twice as long with the one way system.I can't believe the taxi man didn't just point you down the road to your hotel for feck sake! You should have just rang me, I'm a great directioner!

Love you all, nutters x
~Bring your sweet loving..bring it on home to me..yeah~
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Old 14th April 2014, 08:35 PM
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What a bloody good laugh we all had. I'd do it all again tomorrow if i could. Great sharing your company. Thank you for letting me be an honorary tart for the weekend, you two

As for your Shazza - you are a great 'un-directioner'. hahahaha....

Jeez... laughed so much in Ireland my sides are still hurting! Happy days.

Oh and UB40 were good too

Here's to many more
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Old 15th April 2014, 10:24 AM
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Happy memories

My dad, my hero x
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Old 18th April 2014, 10:51 AM
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Brilliant read my fellow Tart.....

Love the quote 'Misbehave Fabuously' Shame I couldnt be there in Ireland but be sure we will all 'tart' again very very soon xxx

Thats a deffo!
Big Love

.....don't let it pass you by......
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Old 18th April 2014, 06:10 PM
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A great read, sounds like you had loads of fun
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