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Default raffer's Irish review part 1

Ok fellow loons ,as promised here's my little dairy of "2 cities, 3 gigs".
first of all thanks to Gary Barlow for seducing my wife in to attending his concert in Belfast which secured me a UB40 bonus gig.
As i arrived in to Dublin's fair city on Thursday for day one i was already aware that the tarts and Tan had made a head start in the tipple stakes and i had some catching up to do ,so without further a do i took my rightful place on the bar stool in the ladies company.
it was immediately evident that all 3 had falling deeply in love with me in a very short space of time leading to some awkward instances for the remainder of the day.
after seducing Tik with my soft deep sexy voice over the phone ,he and Shazzle had confirmed that they were joining us later in the evening.
after some detours enroute to the venue we took our place front right.
following some interesting interactions with some fellow fans the time had arrived. the time we had waited for! what the f%$k would this be like?
i have no intention of naming any of the set list as i think that any of you guys attending this tour will get more from it without knowing in advance.
my first thought when Dunx opened his mouth and sang the first line of the first track was "HOLY f&CK BALLS".What a voice ,what a song.
The place was bouncing.
as the gig continued ,it was very noticable that the band were having some serious fun on stage.Dunx nailed it. We only noticed Astro was a non runner at the end of red red wine and then it dawned on me that Astro may have been holding Duncan back.Dunx was free and my god it was amazing.this new sence of enjoyment coming from the stage spread through the venue like wild fire. I have never seen a younger audience at UBs gig before And each and everyone of them were singing along with not only the more popular and newer material but were swaying away to some almost forgotten gems.
We left the venue with a feeling that we had just witnessed something very special ,a new beginning.
later in the evening our paths crossed with the band and in a quite enviroment we were able to compare our versions of what just happened.
both the band and us had so many questions for each other.
some of the band pointed out that mistakes were made ,i only noticed one.
Duncan said that he would guarantee that Friday night's gig would be even better , i said "not possible".
Apart from Laurence ,Duncan ,BT and my fellow loonies convincing some intoxicated female that I was infact a certain ex vocalist and BT insisting on kissing me at every possible opportunity( i have pics) i had an amazing evening.Knowing i had to do it all over again not once but twice didn't deter me in the slightest.......
Mhuineacháin Abu

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Old 3rd April 2014, 09:18 AM
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haha great memories
what craic we had!

soz about the over amorous fan...but she was asking to have to P taken out of her,
you were merely just our instrument with which to do it.

lets do this again soon!
~Bring your sweet loving..bring it on home to me..yeah~

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Old 3rd April 2014, 10:11 AM
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LOL What a fabulous funny review ...you seducer you .....and I have seen photos of the Irish shenanigans and the energy lepas out the pages

and so right about this setlist....and the band .....they are on top form ...and like you said did not feel Astro's absence ...I felt I had a fabulous view of Norman

.....I have never felt so totally stunned by a UB40 gig ...I would say it was one of the best......

The crowds were also so involved, the atmosphere just electric.....

But I digress ......it has brought it all back ..... Great review
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Old 3rd April 2014, 11:58 AM
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Another great read,thanks Raffer and all other loonies who've posted reviews,great stuff.
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Old 3rd April 2014, 11:17 PM
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Oh and Friday night WAS better!!!

Hurry up with part 2

We`re shown no respect
But that can`t break our pride,
When our backs to the wall
We won`t run and we won`t hide
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Old 4th April 2014, 03:43 PM
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Great read Raffa
Hels x
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