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Default Note To Adam

Just to let you know, you are not being held responsible for the BETA code -
"Powered by Infopop www.infopop.com 2000
Ultimate Bulletin Board Version 5.47e "

they seem to have letf the BETA code installed themselves - sloppy programming

MAybee v^ is better but i cant be bothered just now hacking thier site to find out - tommorows job
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Default Re: Note To Adam

Think you done a good job finding out why so many peeps have trouble getting into chat and IF why it is so slow... BUT, I don't think hacking that infopopsite is the answer. You passed the problem to Adam (and DEP) so let them take care of it with infopop in a legal way...
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Default Re: Note To Adam

hiya folks....

i will be upgrading the bulletin board to version 6 from INFOPOP soon. This will hopefully reduce the load on peoples machines as it has a built in caching facility that will probably help load times. Plus a few other advancements.

The chat room however is another story. I'm still at a loss why some people cannot get in, even after contacting DIGICHAT with the Problem. I've asked them now for details of what questions i should be asking for people with their problems so we might be making some headway in this area (depending if Digichat finding the problem). More info as soon as I know.
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Default Re: Note To Adam

Thanks adam, mucho appreciated........
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