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Originally Posted by oneillk View Post
It's obviouse you guys love talking about him.
i hope they gave your money back at psychology school....
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Originally Posted by San Diego View Post
The best way to stop that would be to stop logging in, wouldn't you agree? I've been reading this thread and the other one that was shut down, for the last several days and still find myself at a loss for why you keep coming back. Is it a perverse sense of accomplishment/entertainment, are you personally fulfilled by this? It just seems a bit silly to keep coming back to a place where opinions differ so greatly from your own and hope that you can change the way people here think, are you trying to convert people's opinions to your way of thinking? I'm truly baffled as to why you keep coming back here, day after day, just to bicker. please, in all sincerity, why do you come here?
As I expected, *crickets* and this was a reasonable, sincere and non insulting question.
Being a Crabby Bitch is part of my Charm!!
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I was at my friends house last night, enjoying a quiet relaxing evening....few beers and a chat....he has a dog, lovely gentle thing it is.It was lying on the rug in front of the open log fire and then as dogs do, it started licking its own bollox....I said to my friend..."I wish I could do that"....he replied "give him a biscuit and he`ll probably let you"

let that be the end
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