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Old 24th May 2015, 08:59 PM
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Default No surprise here.......Blackpool rocked...

What a wicked gig in Blackpool on Friday night. The boys simply rocked the place. Nothing new that though these days is it? The audiences just seem to be so enthusiastic and loving every minute of the shows.....must give the guys such a buzz. So damn pleased for them with all the upheaval and sh*te they've had thrown at them over the last 7 years. As well as the fantastic music, we were also entertained with the frantic efforts of the security trying to stop people dancing in the aisles......they gave up in the end. That crowd was pretty wild at times.....literally. Got to say a MASSIVE thank you as well to Brian, Robin, Jimmy, Earl, Norman, Laurence, Martin, Tony and Paul for their after show hospitality......really, really feel privileged to get those kind of invites. And last but definitely not least, my night was made even better by the company of my gig buddy, our Nepz, Anne-marie (Nepchoon Rose)......she is one cool, funny and genuine gal. Think she had quite an eventful couple of days.....broken down coach on the way up from Brum, a surprise after show pass, and can you believe it??....yes....her return coach from Blackpool was delayed as well because it had broken down !!!! Don't think she gave a rats arse by that time though after the crackin' night she'd had.....haha .....Thanks boys.....luvs ya all !!!! xxxx
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Old 25th May 2015, 06:10 PM
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Amazing review Sal. X
Amazing time had
Love & Respect
Miss Puma x
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Old 31st May 2015, 05:00 PM
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Awww sounds like you've all had a fantastic time on this leg of the tour ... but sadly for me due to unforeseen circumstances ...life ...kids ...busy friends ( how very dare they ) and there only being one week left its looking more like I'll have to wait to get my fix ..till later in the year..
Would have loved to have heard the secret song live but hey ho.....

Hope everyone that is going next week has a fab time I'm sure you will .... oh yeah and the Band too .... but I'm pretty certain you will
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Old 1st June 2015, 02:10 PM
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Great review sal
I never said it was your fault!
I'm just going to blame you!
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