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Default Film night with JB. Locke.

After being invited to the premier, I thought I might as well post a revue.

The film begins with Hardy leaving a Birmingham building site and driving away in his smart BMW. From this point on it will be Locke alone on the screen, as he speeds along the motorway, to London, for his appointment with fate. As the journey progresses Locke makes and receives various phone calls that fill in the back story. The information gleaned from the calls, and hardy's performance fill in the details of lockers character. We learn that Locke is a very successful engineer who is responsible for laying the concrete foundations for a new commercial skyscraper. We also learn that he is a dedicated family man with two sons and a loving wife. And he is about to drop a bombshell that will change his life forever.

We know from the respectful way he is treated that this is a man who can be relied on. Someone who is cool headed, fair, and able to make important decisions, and one decision he has made is about to change his life forever. His life unravels as we get nearer to his destination, a London maternity hospital where a woman he hardly knows (from an alcohol infused one night stand) is about to have his baby.

Hardy gives a well modulated performance as a decent man trapped in a situation where there can be no good outcome. His character dictates his own fate, the fact that he is a decent man means that he wants to do the right thing for everyone. He still attempts to supervise the job he has just walked away from, even when, through the course of the journey, he gets sacked. And he also confesses to his wife about the brief affair that has resulted in the imminent birth of his illegitimate child.

Hardy's performance is incredibly subtle. He speaks quietly and deliberately as he tries to explain to his wife and his work colleagues why he has made the decision he has. His innate sense of honour means that he must take responsibility for bringing this child into the world, to abandon it would be to go against the very foundations that he had built his successful life on. His own personal integrity traps him into a situation that there is no escape from. This gives the movie a tragic dimension. Locke really IS locked into a predicament where there can be no good result. A situation where everyone loses, but none more than lock himself.

This is a brave attempt to put a real sensibility on screen. This is no "thriller", it's a domestic drama. Played out in real time. It's very low key, and hardy underplays everything, even though you can see the inner turmoil in his eyes and the tiny gestures, he talks quietly and deliberately. There's none of the bombast and violence of his most famous performances, as bane or Bronson. Just a good man trapped in bad circumstances.

The edits are quick, in an effort to avoid visual monotony the camera is constantly moving around the vehicle. Laying reflection over reflection so that we become slightly disorientated as to which direction the car is actually going. The bright reds and orange of the reflected brake lights and street lights are laid across the green-grey murk of the cars interior in an effort to bring something cinematic to to what is essentially a TV film.

And that's part of the problem. It's not a movie that will attract fans of bane, it's would probably play better on tv than a wide screen cinema. It's more of a chamber piece, like a one act play. So fans of the Dark Knight will probably be very disappointed. But that's doesn't mean it's not worth seeing. It's cleverly written and well acted. And we spend 80 minutes in the company of a well drawn character. We learn what makes him tic, and why he is doing this. The only jarring note are the occasional monologues that Locke delivers to the ghost of his long dead father. These don't quite feel right, and the message (that Locke was abandoned by his own father, which had a massive influence on lockers character) is a little too pat. A bit of cod psychology.

But overall this is a brave attempt at something different.

I give it 3/5.
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Old 21st April 2014, 05:39 PM
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Nice review. I hadn't heard of the movie until I saw the pictures from the red carpet, and watched the trailer.

Its nice to hear about a movie that isn't about things blowing up and people getting shot. Although they can be fun to watch, getting back to the basics of a movie that is smartly written and character based is nice.
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Old 24th April 2014, 11:41 AM
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GreetingsJimbO so if he would have kept his nuts in his undergarments in the first place and not got rat arsed.. erm they may have been no story or film premier to go to

I'll check that one out.

"and jolly well spent pennies they were too!!"

cheers mi ol fruity!!

How are the wrist doing ol bean..? are you firing again on all paradiddle drum beats
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