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Default some dutch reviews

Hello all,

just as promised some dutch reviews, if you click on the links you will find the dutch reviews and some lovely pics. I did use google translate to make an english translation:

UB40 (Rodahal

translate by google:

After the wonderful visit of UB40 in 2011, Buro Pinkpop the band managed to snare for a gig at the Rodahal . Again Due to voice problems , the concert of November 2013 postponed to today. Was a long queue of visitors just before the thunderstorm the summer sounds of UB40 walk tegemoed . The program for which advance one knew who they were or how her name sounded awfully good. The young band Fin de Siècle her folk and country sound bring six quirky , catchy songs . This Limburg group promises to create atmosphere for the upcoming festival season .
Promptly at 21:00 was the day. The drummer of UB40 , James Brown , came on stage . Slowly the rest of the eight- man strength formation initiated by the sounds reminiscent of the Thousand and One Nights tales . Opening track ' Present Arms ' was a decent reggae evening . Eventually, the entire concert consisted of a perfect blend of new and old songs . Like actually the audience consisted of a mix of young and old. The boy in front with his Bob Marley wristband and an unexpected " smoke break " (? ) Halfway through the show, which nevertheless suddenly striking fewer people at the front were betrayed a little hippie atmosphere . And yes , there was also sometimes a striking scent over.
Saxophonist Brain Travers was the charmer of the group and was so busy in his role as an entertainer that ever happened to (almost ) with his sax too late. Flirting with women at the front part of it. Fortunately, the whole atmosphere of the evening was also the person with Down syndrome , who was visibly enjoy , do not forget . He also got a UB40 towel thrown .
With a slip of the tongue ( ? ) On the Amsterdam women , was quickly corrected to the town of Kerkrade and became the bridge to the beaten track " Kingston Town " . And thus it was towards the end of the nearly two- hour performance .
A musically sound happy evening with many well-known hits. Unfortunately I missed so occasional foray off the beaten musical paths . A well known song like " Red Red Wine " , pays perfect for a little jam session . I saw UB40 as I remember from the past . Duncan and Robin Campbell form a fine singing duo , but to my taste very similar voices together and had a band collectively with eight class musicians slightly more variation in the performance of the songs may submit to more to give . Evening some surprise elements

Kliknieuws.nl | Uden - Markant deint op reggae UB40

Translation by google:
Uden - The eighties were revived Saturday night in Uden at a fantastic live performance by British band UB40 world . The concert , in collaboration with De Pul , attracted mainly older music to the banquet hall of Striking . Who swayed along to the reggae sounds.*The public during an hour and three quarters of an hour treated to act UB40 - known hits like Watchdogs , Red red wine , Cherry oh baby , Kingston Town and Please do not make me cry . Also new material from their latest album ' Getting Over The Storm ' is played . On this album , topped with a country - sauce , the UB40 sound recognizable. One reason for this is the impressive horn section led by Brian Travers . In Uden , the saxophonist is emerging as the entertainer of the group, throwing water bottles to ( acquaintances ? ) In the public and regularly seeks the spotlight on . It is not entirely unjustified .
While many people might previously expected the reggae band with the departure of former lead singer Ali Campbell , six years ago , has now lost power and originality is proven guilty . Brother Duncan who took over the vocal baton has almost the same distinctive voice . UB40 plays live as strong and perhaps more mature than in their heyday . Guitarist Robin Campbell talks numbers , unfortunately, sometimes unintelligible to each other . UB40 is not talking , the music has to do it . The somewhat invisible bassist Earl Falconer occurs once on the ground as he already jamming sings a song about America . Singer and percussionist Norman Hassan is visible some pounds arrived, but during Easy snappy again he let some of his agile dance steps seen .
Here I am baby is very strong play . The audience loves and cheers . With the world wide Red red wine close the men of UB40 after a half hour. As an encore to another played four songs , including the new frivolous lingering Blue eyes crying in the rain . With Kingston Town and I can not help falling in love is the audience , which nevertheless has come for the old hits , our command . From their new album hits no world will, as in the eighties and nineties , are drawn. It is also questionable whether the band that wants and pursues . On stage, they now come in any case the most justice . Uniquely this band in Uden was on stage.

UB40 in Bibelot | Mpodia

translate by google:
UB40 in a two days sold out Bibelot
The British pop group UB40 which was founded in 1978 today is April 29th on the stage of Bibelot Dordrecht . The cozy room is sold out to the balcony , creating a second concert is required to establish . All interested fans happy They play in two sets as well -known hits like " Red Red Wine ' , ' Here I am Baby ," " I Can not Help Falling in Love With You " and Cherry Oh ​​Baby ' . But also from the recently released album " Getting Over The Storm ' . It is certain that they play an encore of four songs , including " Kingston Town " .
Especially a band for over thirty years, his sound manages to retain , and thus the public knows how to captivate . Despite the many changes that have taken internally. As singer Duncan Campbell with his husky voice and charming demeanor , the place of his brother Ali has taken since it left the band for a solo tour to do . Each member knows his contribution. Brother and co -founder Robin Campbell on guitar . Brian Travers on sax , Earl Falconer on bass , James Brown on drums , Norman Hassan as a percussionist and keyboard player Mickey Virtue . The boys are now in their fifties, and still energetic enough.
The show is simple . What beautifully lit curtains in the background , and some dance steps should do it. But that is also more than enough. The danceable reggae is huge , and the audience responds to , as far as the space has to swing by and sing . Live well worth a visit.

Fans genieten van UB40 in Zwolle - Weblog Zwolle - Het nieuwsportal voor de stad Zwolle - Altijd Actueel Nieuws

google translate:
Zwolle - The British band UB40 performed Thursday night in Hedon, and as always put down as a spectacular performance. The old Kneiters like Red, Red Wine and Kingston Town could not be missed. Also songs from the new repertoire filled the evening.
Although the band with ease and has the HMH Ahoy played full, also know as an intimate concert in Hedon great display. Flair Meanwhile, the famous Ali Campbell 6 years is no longer the lead singer. Mickey and Astro also left the band, Astro takes an important role eccentric with it. The other members are Duncan Campbell (brother of Ali) willing to take on this task. Itself Meanwhile, Duncan has this role can provide all kind shape as was also the case during this concert in Hedon. Zwolle audience and fans outside Zwolle have at least a great night polite.

greetings ubnormie
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Thanks, also nice pics from Zwolle on weblog Zwolle
Fans genieten van UB40 in Zwolle - Weblog Zwolle - Het nieuwsportal voor de stad Zwolle - Altijd Actueel Nieuws
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Feeling the multilingual love ...... X x Fabulous
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great reviews, thanks
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iDordt | UB40 @Bibelot
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Funny how someone replies to the Zwolle review (where it says that Ali is no longer with the band) that Ali really was there
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