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Default UB40 Concert in Nottingham

I just had to let you know that on 1st November UB40 played to a sell out audience in Nottingham. I have seen them perform at Finsbury Park which was amazing, Sheffield Arena, again brilliant, Don Valley Stadium, but the Nottingham gig did it for me. I managed to get right in front of the stage. Of all the concerts I have been to I have been so far back they seemed like little dots on the stage. UB40 never fail to amaze me. The place was rocking with the old tunes the likes of Red, Red, Wine, One In Ten. I have all the albums (records), CD's,Videos the lot. All I hope is that one day, I get to meet them personally. That is my one dream in this life.

Keep up the brilliant work UB40 and I shall see you on the next tour!
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Default Re: UB40 Concert in Nottingham

Question: Why did you put this on the helpdesksection??

Anyway... good to hear you had such a great time!! I know being in front is the best place. I once was all the way in the back too and it was awfull. Not the concert of course but behing so far away. Good thing in that venue tho was that they have these big screens hanging on which you can see the band performing...
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Default Re: UB40 Concert in Nottingham

Yeah there was a great vibe at the Nottingham gig - the crowd were well up for a good night.

However, the Sheffield crowd amazed me - nearly half the front row just stood there tapping the barrier as if they were all listening to something else. Mind you they probably didnt have enuff room to move as I was giving it extra large (as always!) lol

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Default Re: UB40 Concert in Nottingham

re: nottingham gig
I to went to the gig at the arena unfortunatly myself & my wife couldn't get front of stage we were to the left of the up the stairs but we still totally enjoyed the concert.
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