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Cool Duncan's scare and Glasgow Gig

Ok Jaye and I start out around 11:30am we get to town around 1:30pm where I decided to get off the bus at Central Station so we are walking on our way going to meet Mark(Sardonicus2) and the Tarts when suddenly I spot a familar face...................Duncan..................... I jumped right into his path and screamed "where do you think your going" the look on his face was priceless he nearly shit himself he proceded to say he was going for a pint which Jaye and I acknoledge and let him go on his merry way. It wasnt until a few seconds later we thought damn we SHOULD have went with him anyways on we go to meet Mark and head to the hotel where we caught up with our fellow loonie Tarts in such a state from the Belfast gig all hungover and tired looking.

We left the tarts to continue their brunch and we went to the lounge to get our selves a drink..... then in comes Tanya and Sarah K we said our hello's .....shortly afterwards Norman comes along and he too is suffering from toothache pooor guy, I do believe Norman is blaming Tanya, something to do with babies......time goes by so fast it was Robin and Astros turn to appear so I went and had a ciggie and a chat with them and asked if they wanted me to come to the STV studio with them they said "NO". I've no idea why so off they went and I returned into the hotel. Mark left to go back to work and he too bumped into Duncan and told him I was still inside the hotel. Duncan came in and sat with us for a bit, we drank and chatted and had a few laughs regarding our 1st meeting..... The day was going great because next to appear was Martin and Laurence and again it was hello, hugs, handshakes etc etc.......

Not long after everyone started to leave to go their rooms to get dressed for the gig......Paula, Jaye and I left to get to the front of the queue which we did with not a bother from other fans except I got my usual your too drunk look I do have that impression most of the time....

The doors opened, we were in and right in the middle "GREAT".

The lights dimmed and on came Eddy Grant and his band with the amazing 3 backing singers who gave us a good warm up. Well enjoyed by the crowd!

Then it came the time for our boys to make centre stage..........Lights dimmed Jimmy on first, crowd cheering, louder and louder as the rest of the band entered. Off went my whistle...........which seemed to turned the crowd into a frenzy!!!!!! The excitement was unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years since we last saw them. So looking forward to hearing Duncan in our first gig since the CDP.

''The Train is coming' Well what can I say the songs were rolling old and new. Duncan did us proud! I won't spoil it for those who have gigs yet to go to. You will be surprising amazed...............Blown away and proud to be a loonie........Thanks RBC for dedicating "Sweet Sensation" to the LOONIES!!!!!!!!!

Then back at the hotel we met up with Paula, Geraldine, Caroline(Tarts) Mark, Michelle, Scot and Irene, My brothers Ronnie & Bobby, Ronnie's other half Fiona, Tanya, Sarah K and Anita(Tanya's Sis).

Oh btw, we met with Frank Bruno who I was gonna have a go with but I guess he was to frightend of me HA HA HA HA(Bruno styleeeeeee)

Duncan, Astro, Martin, Laurence, Tony and Paul all joined us in the bar. I think we took the place over cause the manager was keeping a close eye on us. Telling Duncan off for being too loud, makes a change from me getting the blame lol!

We had a blast talking, laughing many many drinks consumed they just couldn't keep up with us lol!!! Around 4.00 a.m. we all said our good nights with lots of as my wife says " MAN LOVE" going round lol!!!!

Off to Mark and Michelle's home Jaye and I went none stop talking about the gig and the "LAD JOKES" Astro once again had us in stitches over. Love the one about the old lady and her balance!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha!

Off to sleep and got home around 12.00 today.

All in all a great gig thanks boys and a great night/morning. Hopefully we see you in Brum............remember Astro the comp is mine to win

Soul, Jaye, Mark, Michelle, Bobby, Ronnie, Paula, Geraldine, Caroline, Scot, Irene, Fiona, Tanya,Anita and Sarah k

Im A Rebel Soul Rebel Im A Capturer Soul Adventurer......

Peace...........Love..............Respect......... CFC
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