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Smile UB40 40th Anniversary Royal Albert Hall

Well …. Reclaiming this board which was always ours ……and a much better place to shout out reviews
Overwhelmed …and lost for words
Still dreamily smiling at the memories and that feeling and because it is a feeling, it makes me happy all over when I think about it….
I usually start at the beginning …but why dwell on the negative when feeling so upliftingly positive?
A lovely sunny late afternoon when we arrived and just got overwhelmed with the sea of faces each bringing back more memories of past gigs/friends with but had never met/faces from photos on the board whose jokes I had laughed at and reviews I had read …( starting with Michelle ….Starshine …the person who originally welcomed me on the BB board ) ….felt shy and giddy …so covered it up by screaming and charging at people …including JB who was out for a wee rest….

The Revolution
It was a wee bit of a guddle at the Arena entrance when we were all herded into a pen and advised (with shooing hand motions) to wander round the building aimlessly then come back and get tagged. As you can imagine, this did not go down well at all with well seasoned Loons. The grumpy security man kept shooing us saying the problem was that “women” had organised this and that all the “women” talking was giving him a headache…..He did finally understand when we kept shaking our heads and telling him (with larger hand swooping motions) that this strategy was neither fair nor logical on those people (SS) who had been waiting so as to secure a front row …The manager in a YSL suit and a sharp haircut was summoned …. and gave us all a vote to be locked in the pen and no one allowed in or out or go back out ………after which we were herded down the stair to another corridor near the toilets…re- tagged with neon yellow tags …. to wait…and burst out like a water stream jet up into …..

…..The hall Awesomely Stunning spinningly big big …… Us (the herded fans) forming an impenetrable fortress on the front row ….
KIOKO come out –Energy surge as soon as they walked on, a joy to watch the sashaying, rippling …new sound … Nouveau Rockblasted Afrojazzed Reggae ? Enjoyed …..
DJ Gold the delectable multi-coloured shirted came on and got everyone up and on a roll …now feel he is part of the family …he seems to understand what makes the crowd move …film found on YOU Tube .....

…came in to a thunderous applause …vitality …filling the Royal Albert Hall. I keep repeating …it’s not a music gig – it’s a full theatrical show (Thanks to the crew !!!!) and even with me toning down the praise …every second is an eyefull of delight and every word out of the honey voiced (Delectable Dunc/ PeterPan Robin) Campbells an earful of pleasure.
The Brass Boys trio powered round the stage in flashes of pure gold sound Beautiful Brian, Martin the Magnificent and Prince Laurence added to that, Norman spiriting himself round the stage and Tony riding on the delight waves with Early B agilely falsettoing and the devilishly handsome master of the beats ( PayPal accepted) whipping every one into a frenzy…… words fail ….
Our surprise was all the guests – Paul Young looking fab and that song a stroke of genius on the album,
(Video courtesy of Nick van Tech)

the Slinger Gravy train song is catchy, and the Gilly G Norman Moonlight Love is beautiful

It’s quite difficult to describe what it’s like being surrounded by people you know and love wherever you look. I can’t imagine what it would be like on stage looking on to it or receiving it.....see Crowds singing along .....

But you deserve it all and more …..and not only that …there is more gigs….. and to top it all THE ALBUM #Forthemany …and 2019 dates …. We are the happiest !!!

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