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Old 5th October 2011, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by pgb View Post
Awee Liz...so happy for ya........your a champ at writing And taking pics.
Thank you so very much.
not done a review for a while and was so knackered last night but had to be done
xx champane xx

bubbling with love for ub40
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Old 5th October 2011, 11:01 PM
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great read Lizzie so chuffed for you xxx
Nens xxx
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Old 5th October 2011, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by champane View Post
Not long got in half hour or so ago (thank you Eastender & barry for the lift so appreciated )
Right going to do a review like i used to so maybe now is the time to make a cuppa b4 i start ops 1 more thing photos will be up tomorrow please dont have a go but just so tired getting old you know
Right ill begin ...........Day started off great train on time and going well till the train seperates and then our train a person wernt there at start so delayed great I thought started to panic annd as we were at a station got facebook up and moaned about going to be late then signal on phone went down so couldnt ring or text any 1 O NO my day is so going to be ruined now so starts to panic and feel sorry 4 myself until annie calmed me down ty hun no wonder you a good mum any way train arrives at New street only 5 mins late seemed longer than that when i was on the train so run to cab rank and got a cab OMG must of had the slowest cabbie in the whole of Brum could of walked faster if i tried so thats it i thought well going to be late then again annie comes to the rescue says you will be fine see you when you get here well i got there and OMG my day just got better and better from there arrived to see some of the guys sitting outside just chilling and signing autographs

(while me i may add was all hot and sweating lol)some of this bit is a blur to me even now but i know BT told some lovely lady sorry 4got her name to look after me and I had a free range or something?? asked who i was i told her she said aw wait there champane ill get your wrist band and she did it was a lovely bright yellow colour and that was the band to allow me all access (even BT's dressing room but i declined hehe ) met up with the Loonies sorry not saying the names as i may 4get 1 or 2 and dont want to so ill just say Loonies ok

Went upstairs as i was allowed to having the yellow band on lol and OMG this room was small better than CDP on stage was the Sax a lickle drum set organ thingy and the bongos and a couple of mics so had a idea where to stand before i went back down stairs by this time i realised i was still bursting for a wee so 1st things 1st then went back outside to chat some more to loonies (to be honest at 1st it seemed so strange that i was allowed every where and not everyone was but hey i got used to that lol)
(ops 4got to say saw Keith Allen upstairs think i had a pic with him cant remember lol)

Now was time for the unvieling of the plaque and OMG what a honour it was to be there to see this bit of history and was able to be allowed always at the front to take photos all the camera men knew why i was there so give them respect they showed the same to me pleasure to meet you guys x Well we went through a speech by some man sorry again 4get who he was something to do with the PRS people they opened the curtains and there it was that bit of history on the wall the wall of the place that UB40 playeed their 1st ever gig

then Bt Astro and duncan were wanted for interviews by different media people and 1 was a pregnant lady and BT kissed his hand and put it on her tummy awwwwww what a lovely thing to do she seemed very happy as well. More waiting around
while the lads done more talking and then it was TIME OMG HERE WE GO
Every body went upstairs this time and waited for the boys to join us even though RBC was later when i asked him why he said im not telling you so make your own minds up lol
Well i see alot of you saw the live stream and some will still have to watch it so ill leave that bit out apart from I just gotta say this is the way forwards lads you sounded great and Duncan OMGH how you have come on if thats the right words to say you sounded brill mate. All the way through the set I was snapping away some times the boys saw me and skmiled sweetly some times they never but guess what I WAS HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE I even felt like a proper photographer mingling with the PROs and they were so good to me as well the whole day was just a brill day just a shame more loonies wernt there as well but you were in spirit thats for sure xxxx

Well thats about it really well im so knackered now its all i can be bothered to do ok lol

Want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to a few peeps as without these i would never of lived a dream today

UB40 = without you guys this day would not of been here x

BT= without you i would not of had a ream come true x

LUCI = without your love for us guys and all your hard work today would not of gone as smooth as it did x

R.B.C = without you picking those 10 lucky winners they would not of won x

LOONIES = just for being you and a special ty to you as well for all the good luck and well done from yous to me meant so much

Dell = without you I would not be here or had been there xxxx

OPS = Hare and Hounds for still being there all these years later x

Ops again = Lesley Thank you for the laughs hun made me soooo welcome xxx

very nice review and nicely done... enjoyed that thank you.

Bobby and Joanne x
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Old 5th October 2011, 11:29 PM
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Tahnk you enjoyed doing it lol xx
xx champane xx

bubbling with love for ub40
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Old 6th October 2011, 04:30 AM
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Well, Liz, that was just wonderful! Felt it as if I was there and in your shoes! Thank you for everything!
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Old 6th October 2011, 04:39 AM
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Lizzie....fantastic. Thanks. I'm puking (chundering for Nani) with envy so please stop already....

Good for y'all though.
Human kindness is overflowing....
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Old 6th October 2011, 11:15 AM
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Lovely read Liz

Great pics as always
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Old 6th October 2011, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Starshine007 View Post
Liz, you're making me even more excited than when I was there
ha ha what she said...although I actually wasn't...

Lovely lovely review of an unforgettable day.....
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Old 7th October 2011, 04:15 PM
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Great read and fab pics as always thank you
I'm a British subject not proud of it while I carry the burden of shame.

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