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Default Bringing It Home to Brum ...Yeah

Now for my rather overdue review, where do I begin EXCELLENT, STUNNING, AMAZING, CLASSIC, SHEER BRILLIANCE, WONDERFUL, ASTOUNDING, ………………… I could go on and on and yet not find sufficient words to describe the Birmingham gig.

So let’s start at the beginning …… I was actually laid up for two days prior to the gig with a high temperature and flu like symptoms that had plagued me for over a week. At one point I really didn’t think I would feel well enough to make it. On the morning of the gig, I leapt out of bed feeling totally invigorated; just the thought of seeing the boys on stage again was a tonic and antidote all in one. So off I went on the train to brum and when I arrived omg it was freezing, its really parky in Birmingham. Any hew … I would have liked to have gone to seek out the hiding UBs but thought better of it, thinking I would need a satnav to find my way around the shopping centre.
Soon I was standing in the queue chatting to some lovely fans as we waited to get into the venue. The moment I stepped in I saw our twinkling Starshine Michele (who pointed out Lynnie to me). I was overwhelmed with joy at meeting my virtual friends for the first time and just had to give them a big hug. Now I’m not a great fan of barriers but must admit I was glad to have something to brace on in my semi poorly state. Although I am sure Lynnie would never have believed it …. as I didn’t stop dancing and singing all night.

When Steele Pulse got on stage I was ready to jam.I only know a couple of their choons but totally loved the rootsie, reggae style of the band.Their delivery was brilliant, the baseline was vibrating through the floor and the occasional theatrics had me captivated for the whole set. Steppin’ Out concluded a fabulous set by the group. I must say at this point, I really came to appreciate how hard the stage crew work in order to set up the stage. I was stunned at how quickly equipment was moved andrearranged, well done to the stage crew.I must say I was so please when a saw our dear Jimmy position himself behind the drums, and soon they were all on stage to a rapturous welcome. I have always wanted to see the UBs perform in their home town/city and now I know why, it was out of this world.I would never have believed it was the 89th show; as it was crisp, precise, sound perfect and every band member was happily interacting with the crowd.

So my highs of the show, Norman just love his smile, singing, percussion and dancing, the horn sections omg you guys nailed it and everyone so versatile, one minute they have a brass instrument in their hand the next moment they are on a keyboard, playing percussion, singing … just amazing (and I can even play a recorder!!!). Robin singing ‘Sweet Sensation’I totally love that song and you delivered it beautifully. Duncan singing ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ that choon is amazing live and I can so relate to those lyrics. Earlie B always excellent and sounded fabulous, Tony cool calm and always note perfect and the rhythm make Jimmy absolutely fantastic. You are all so wonderfully talented.
My lows of the gig, I only got a few good pictures, now im not sure if it’s the lighting or my phone camera is rubbish (might be the latter).Also, when you all left the stage …. I was so sad that another great tour was over.
Well 2016 will soon be here and in true Queenie fashion I have to put my orders in early. Could you please add ‘Guns in the Ghetto’ to your setlist next year and would it be remotely possible for some of us loonies to visit the centre of excellence where all of this amazing music is made, to hear you guys jamming and composing? I would be in my element to witness that and I promise I will be so sensible and quiet you wouldn’t know I was there lol.

In closing, can I say that through life’s ups and downs, UB40 has always be a constant source of joy and pleasure. Your hard work and commitment has and will always be appreciated.

PS I hope you got my Christmas card
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