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Originally Posted by mamto3girls
sum good pics there caryns are on her face book, nice 1 lara &les ya look like a cute couple
fanks Di
No-one seems to see me, its as if i dont exsist,

i'm going nowhere & i know i wont be missed!!

Lest We Forget & Remember The 96 15/04/89

25yrs on...finally JFT96 YNWA
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Old 21st March 2008, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Groovy Les
Originally Posted by Clubreggae
Originally Posted by Groovy Les
Originally Posted by rmd110900
Brilliant piccies, just wish i could have made it

looks like eveyone had a blast
yep we had a reet good time Rob

thanks for the voicemail mate.......see ya in 2 weeks
whats happening in 2 weeks then ??
Royal Albert Hall Bebs

Rob said he's in the paupers seats up top
You gonna have a ball les make sure you look after Lara, and behave yourself

Sparkle of my eye.
UB40. Always in my heart xxx
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Old 4th May 2021, 11:11 PM
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Great Photos of my First Ever UB40 Mini fest E&T REGGAE PARTY Meeting all the
UBLoonies There and Having My Picture Taken with Saira and Sting 😁 #Memories#
Never to forget
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