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Default Zimbabwe 1983

There was a post about some bizzare event in Zimbabwe, and I tried to post, but now see that I need to post 5 times (I am a newbie), so I am posting here......

I can not tell you the bizarre "INSIDE" story because I was not part of the band, but that concert changed the lives of 3 people.

I was 25 and hitchhiking up through Africa, from Cape Town to Kenya. I happened to be in Harare the capital, and heard that there was a UB40 concert in Bulawayo. I was heading down to Victoria Falls, then on to Malawi, so it was perfect.

From what I remember it was a beautiful day. I arrived at the concert grounds which was maybe a soccer field (yes I am a yank), err football field, and entered. It was early and there were just a handful of people around.

So I and a guy I met earlier, decided to have a joint. We headed to the middle of the field, not a sole within 100 meters. Had my friend sit directly in front of me, so that I could see 180 degrees in front and he 180 in back, as there were police stationed at the entrance. We got pretty high, when from behind me comes a police officer. WTF !!!

He immediately tells us that we needed to come to the police station. My “friend” starts walking with him and I said NO. I told the officer, that I am here to see the concert, that it was a great day to see the concert, enjoy the crowd, the music, and the wonderful country. That we were harming no-one. It took 20 minutes, but I convinced him.
Great – the concert is ON!!!

Well, about an hour or so later, the crowd grew, but it was not more that a few hundred people at most. The stage was set, another 30 minutes before the concert, and then literally out of no-where the skies opened up. About the hardest it could rain in an instant. Completely out in the open, no where to go, with the wind blowing and whipping the stage, we were drench. But no big deal, we have come to see UB40

About an hour later, under cloudy but calm skies, the concert was cancelled. SH*T, F*CK, what the H*LL?

The band or manager probably saw the rag tag, wet group out in the field, counted what remained of us, and said “were outta here”.

Later, I found out that there was another concert in back in Harare, in a few days, so I headed back up there. That was a great concert, and great day. and yes the smoke was all around. No cops. Somewhere I have pictures, so one day I will post here if I can.

I will not bore you (to long) with my personal stories, but once back in Harare, I met an Austrian, and Brit, and together on a whim decided to start a video game business. We made by hand the cabinets, hitched down to Johannesburg for Monitors and PC boards and parts, smuggled them across the boarder, along with Kruggerands (we tripled our money, as there was no currency exchange for locals) , and installed the first video games in town. Space Invaders, Ms Pac Man. Etc.

We rented a house at 3 King George, and decided to open a hostel for other backpackers. Charged a $1 per day for the floor, had a Bar (of course), music and a great location. For the next year, we were the go to place in Harare. Had a blast. Those were great years.
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