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Default boro review...

were do i start?... went from watching toon game ..we won btw!.. to getting told i have tickets at about 3ish!...in contact with mike from the boro can i just say what a lovely lad he is and his dad the stud stuart! really pleased after all these years to get to know him ....good laugh... had pub venue for pint with bri and dunc made way there thought 4k was heaving got in thought no cant be this mike rang said its next door change of pub thank 4k for that ! met mike and his dad had a pint had eye on door for bri seen him and dunx went outside seen he was with fans made him know i was there he said caja next door? nodded walked away...they came in to rat in the kitchen on disco lol...again they looked lost hand went up dunc nodded and went to bar 4kin went mad when word got around ub40 were in the pub ...glances from bri and me i giggled thinking the poor 4kers only want a pint ....left them in peace i always walk away when they meet new fans...ive been there now its their turn... got piccis with rob kelsie me when it was time... made long long 20 mile trek to venue had to pick up tickets was mix up with tickets had to call dads army to sort it out ...bar or death 1st ...mike and his dad same minds lol...just cant believe the pissheeds at a gig..mike got his own 40 pints.... i got a thimble of shandy...was a standing gig...so stood at the back im funny now sooner listen to a good gig at the back then pushing at the front...again a superb best ever gig wont give set list away...think me and rob broke for 4ksake words getting knocked into record lol had aftershow really pleased mike was there stood his ground cos was a coach outside saying ub40 after with a nightclub?we stood our ground no its here they tried to piss us off..thanks mike...so thanks to paul hunter was sorted..went through door to be greeted with bt caja wanna drink? was jimmy robin dunx pikey loz...sat with bri shook the bands hands as i always do my son robert deep in conversation with brian over his music..went said hello robin and said 4ksake rob can you just get wrinkles ? and get old.....youve been same for 30 years...you know for him to say hi chris when i walked in talks volumes x...anyway...general talking shite with bt as we do hes a total gentleman ...got rob with the horn section bri pikey loz photo for his new album...final word ...we are blessed by the real ub40 my kids have them in their blood and its part of our life THANK YOU xxx
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Farkin A Cwis, a little punctuation goes a long way...that was like trying to read the Dead sea Scrolls!!!!

Sounds like you have an amazing night xxx
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Superb review as always me Toon Bro
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so you had a great time then chris
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