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Default off the hook. ?

watching politicians grilling the police was satisfying on one hand, but it leaves a slightly bitter taste because the politicians are as up to their neck in this as the police.
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the three most corrupt bunch of bent fukers in the county...press....plod....mp`s
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Anyone seen this.... YouTube - ‪The Bank Job Trailer (200‬‏ it's an illustration of how the 'establishment' reacts in defence. It's all one big stage show.
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they all sh*t in the same pot, all corrupt money grabbing low lifes
6th may and 18th june......never forget it
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Two wrongs make a right, I can prove it mathematically.
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i reckon this whole economic, credit crunch, lying bastard polititians etc nonsense, was probably started by 2 very rich people having a bet,,,, like the scene at the end, of the film trading places, where the 1 guy gives another a dollar..... when he lost the bet...
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