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Originally Posted by old loonie View Post
Just that Manchester dont really seem to feel the reggae, Brum and London its a wicked vibe, Toon has been good and Liverpool was also pretty good, just think the M.E.N has not got the atmosphere, maybe its me, i have not realy felt the vibe in that arena.
Cardiff was very good
Sorry to disagree with those two statements. Have been to every single show that the UB's have done at the MEN and have always come out of there buzzin'. It is quite a big arena and this year was the first time I have ever seen the upper tier curtained off......there's usually quite a lot of people up there normally but not this year. I had always thought that the Apollo (the venue where the band used to play before the MEN) was way too small for them and the sound used to get distorted a bit sometimes so I was really pleased when they moved to the arena. Have to be honest though, I tend to think that the reduced attendance this year had more to do with the loss of the previous lead singer rather than the credit crunch........their loss at the end of the day because as far as I'm concerned we still have THE BAND we've always had for the last 30 years.......UB40. This myth that most people going to the shows won't even realise that there is a new lead singer is a load of bo**ox to me........I think almost all of those who decided to buy tickets for this tour were well aware of the situation.
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