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bazza 10th March 2015 08:06 PM

Summer Dub
I know it was a long while ago now but the band once made the Summer Dub album based on Cover Up and Homegrown which was never released, it has only ever been heard as warm up tracks on the Homegrown tour and no copy has ever surfaced. I have a friend in the music business who reckons he can get his hands on pretty much any rare stuff but he has been frustrated for years by his inability to fulfill my request to get me a copy of it.
I know these things aren't always so simple to put out there but if the band spent good time and money making the album you would think they would want to put it out there for people to buy or hear, maybe as an extra cd on an album or a wristband usb at concerts.I know BT has said before that it wasn't the best dub album they ever made but to hardcore fans it doesn't matter, we want to hear it, and i am sure i'm not the only one on here who thinks the Dub Sessions are amongst some of the bands finest tunes.

GefferyMorgan 11th March 2015 06:10 AM

There could be any number of reasons why it never saw release. Maybe Virgin wasn't really interested in releasing it...or maybe the band just figured that after all that work, it still wasn't quite their best stuff. Which would make sense. Musicians are very precious about what reaches the public's ears. It's one of those things where if it's not up to a certain standard, it simply sits on a shelf somewhere and gathers dust. Like you said, the hardcore fans wouldn't care even if it wasn't the band's best work. Heck, many fans would probably listen to the sound of Robin farting in the shower and then beg him to do the fart live on tour! LOL! Just kidding about that of course....but the average passive fan wouldn't be interested...so when it comes down to the band, I can't blame them for not releasing it. I can't imagine how many HUNDREDS of tracks they've recorded over the years that NOBODY other than the band and their very closest friends will ever hear. It's just part of the game. Out of every 10 songs that get recorded, I bet only 10 to 20% or so of them ever see the light of day! And that simply comes down to standards.

With that said....would I love to come across a copy of Summer Dub? You betcha! But doubt I ever will...

Chronic 11th March 2015 07:23 AM

I don't think we will ever hear it as I am sure that Ali and Astro were heavily involved with the mixing of the tracks on those dubs.

Regards Chronic

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