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oLdbOi 1st December 2009 10:23 AM

Dub Sessions II
Dub Sessions II

Created with passion for a passion!

From the ‘Reflex’ stables we have the follow up lyric’less riddims.
dubs to the much awaited LOL 4 ( soon come!)
UB40 have taken their labours of love and given us a double package, in the form of
Dub sessions II & Labour of Love 4.

‘Labour of Dub’…..’Le’dubs of love’

soun’bOi puttin’ riddims to paper……

I need a love that is real’ A Dub I Can Feel’…A lovers instrumental ,so fresh..so light , …drumbeats up front…all sorts moving behind!..strings..mystical n dreamy….organ tremblin’ away…horn section a blow and a bassline strummin’ along with ease, heavy, deep, and thumpin’ UB40 have taken it…unwrapped it, and created the sweetest of versions, with that sense of summery warm breeze gently caressin’ your skin…

Dub It On Home vocals intro….a cuttin’ riddim, silky smoothe which opens into a heavy bassline , percussion all over, skins dem pitter patter!, and yet again that orchestral like arrangement with lead guitar solo that makes this dub an absolute pleasure! ..’Bring It On Home’..yeah..yeah..yeah…vocals leading out…..

Dub Next Doorhandin’ this over to Lamont….steadybongos ridin’ away…horns punchin’ in….a spaced out ambient start, to a great track…just close your eyes and let the music take over…lovin’ this track , bassline deep and carryin’ it along …

Dub On Little Girl….up beat and lively , organ predominant along side percussion/bongos, once again setting the pace… bass just steppin’ back slightly with that perfect dreamy combination of orchestral violins dippin’ in and out ….come on come on come on ))

When you turned an’ y’walked through that door…Dubbing Up, taken this sweet lovers track and raised it up to another level..’a bad tune dat!’.. some vocals sliced in, pure bassline dictatin’ violins, organ, drummer pon his drums combining …with a mellow solo sax to create a track that will slow down any dance floor…haul n pull up m’selecta…lovers take it away!...brea))brea))breaking))))

Dubbing Pauper...oo- oo-.oohhhh. twisted into another great version.,taken this riddim and made it into a dub that works perfectly in a UB40 style n fashion!...slow paced…a touch of vocals, simple melodies combinin’…organ grindin’ effortlessly …. A mek y’tingle with delight.. bassline slowly dancin’ away… slow and sensual a wonderful ‘lovers’ dub.

Dub Dub Dubnot every day, is gonna be the same… a jumpy riddim, horns section up front, leavin’ enough space for bass-ee and drumbeats, with keyboards cuttin’ , sound effects driftin’ in and out….mellowin’ down to just bass n drum, then pickin’ right back up…

Holidubspacey..ambient…dippin’ and liftin’ right up into a nice heavier dub, then easin’ into a laid back pace, sax takin’ a front…orchestral sounds creatin’ that dreamy effect...echoes out in fine style….once you close your eyes to this, you will relax back and feel yourself carefree, head in the clouds…a beautiful instrumental, dare I say my favourite.

You’re Gonna Dub Me..fast flowin’ enter horns, blowin’ delicate melodies, violins slowin’ down to bring it back up with punching bass n drums, and waves of sound effects to create that distant heavenly sound…

Close To Dubdrums take over..right up front…leading ….full of echoes and bass to ride this riddim…never short of horns and that distinguished sound of orchestral arrangements….sliced in vocals scratchin’ the surface …

Once Again UB40 have proved their Dub credentials, delivering these superb mixes. An absolute must for your music collection !!

‘The Poet’
Attachment 39

RS 1st December 2009 10:30 AM

Nice one!! How many british pounds does it cost???

bruno 1st December 2009 10:31 AM

thanks bruno for the review ! i can't wait for ear this DS2 !!!!!!!!!!

flyin'irie 1st December 2009 11:44 AM

Hey bro
have to wait until saturday to 'njOi :bigwink: all that...
Thx for your review... delivered in your usual 5 stars unique style :beer:

LyricOfficer 1st December 2009 12:10 PM

Great review bello of some great tracks x

Nods 1st December 2009 01:27 PM

can`t wait to hear it...never had it in Newcastle

I`ll get one in Brum

Lambsbread 1st December 2009 04:39 PM

So I assume the tracks on LOL4 are:-

A love I can feel - John Holt
Man Next Door - Dennis Brown
Come On Little Girl - Melodians
Your're Gonna Need Me - Errol Dunkley
Loving Pauper - Gregory Isaacs

What are the others then?? (apart from Bring it on home)


Electro 1st December 2009 06:58 PM

Thanx bOi, great review, you've made my already eagaly awaited ears now very, very, excited. Glad you got a copy, mine soon come on the 8th Dec, USB to please you & me, made by UB40 in a dub plate stylee.....

oLdbOi 1st December 2009 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by Lambsbread (Post 1415481)
So I assume the tracks on LOL4 are:-

A love I can feel - John Holt
Man Next Door - Dennis Brown
Come On Little Girl - Melodians
Your're Gonna Need Me - Errol Dunkley
Loving Pauper - Gregory Isaacs

What are the others then?? (apart from Bring it on home)


Hi Lambsbread, you've named some that are probably rightly named tracks to the dubs...the others I think should remain to be guessed ,no doubt once the dubs have circulated a bit more!..:smile:


bothsidestory 1st December 2009 08:30 PM

Loving Pauper?! They've been ambitious there and the Errol Dunkley track, I hope they are good versions :)

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