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Chronic 10th December 2009 08:31 AM

BT/JB-Breadk-down of sales for "Best of Labour of Love"
Hi BT and JB

Thanks for the updates on the sales of "The Best of Labour of Love". Can you ask Virgin if they are able to give a break-down of the sales figures please.

In light if discussions on this board in the past I am interested to see what form the sales are for:

2.Single CD
3.Limited Edition CD/DVD

See you on Saturday.

Best regards


Chronic 10th December 2009 01:45 PM

Just had a look on the UK iTunes reggae charts and UB40 have the following positions at the moment:


3) Red Red Wine
66) Rat In Mi Kitchen
110)Many Rivers to Cross
139)Cherry Oh Baby
167)Please Don't Make Me Cry
173)Johnny Too Bad
182)Breakfast In Bed


17)Labour Of Love
66) Present Arms
129)Promises and Lies
135)Present Arms In Dub
193)Introducing UB40 EP
195)UB40 Live
197)Geffery Morgan

Nes B40 10th December 2009 08:27 PM


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