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bt/ub40 21st October 2014 11:36 PM


Originally Posted by JB40 (Post 1656644)
Brilliant response Farida. your spot on. His recent campaign has been an abject failure. His record has sold very little, not much over 5,000 copies. His appearances on TV have put people off rather than attracted them, and his record sales aren't much over a paltry 5 thousand.

It pisses us off too that he gets so much TV. But in todays celeb obsessed media,and love of negativity and gossip, he's playing their game.

His new management have invested in a decent PR company, but it is all too little too late. The record is dropped out of the charts. So, really, it's all over.

We've never been much good at playing the tabloid game.

UB40 have never been the type of band to move down to london to be seen at the right parties and events. We're a working band that keep our audience by touring and playing great shows. it worked then, and it's still working now.

It's annoying to see his strained, bottoxed face on TV, lying about his brothers and comparing himself to BOB MARLEY !!!! But it hasn't down him an ounce of good. If anything it's put people off.

The london media aren't interested in UB40. We don't fit into todays celeb obsessed mainstream media.

That audience of millions doesn't include REAL ub40 fans, who are more likely to get their information from more alternative sources, like on line, and of course word of mouth. Which is a much better way of building interest. But with that you have to actually deliver with the music, turn people on and their own enthusiasm will spread the word. And appearance on the lottery show or alan tichmarsh isn't going to save anyones career.

Aldi doesn't give a shit about REAL UB40 fans, he's just trying to appeal to people who only know RRW. But that was all in the past. In this days a UB40 album could sell any thing from 2 to 10 MILLION. But those kind of numbers don't exist for anyone any more.

what he said....PLUS the fact...TV has very little to do with music and being a musician, to be brutally honest its only a means of selling PLASTIC, nothing to do with actual music..we never liked it much....we do this gig to play music NOT necessarily be POP celebrities or PLASTIC salesmen....we always kinda f****** hated that stuff, felt embarrassed about 'miming' got bored senseless sitting in TV studio dressing rooms all day for 3 minutes of pretending to play in exchange for being a bit famous...(it aint all its cracked up to be HONEST) even worse, the pretending in order to sell more BITS OF PLASTIC was particularly humiliating.......its very a superficial existence and has an incredibly short life span...I wish Aldi all the luck in the world with his 'promotional campaign' and dearly hope he gets everything that he wishes for....UB40 on the other hand are not vaguely interested in that part of the music business.....we are in this for the music....WOOO HOOOOO...we go on the road from Friday...me and me hoodlum chums playing live every night...we are very lucky guys y'know.....and on that note...gooodnight comrades.... see you soon I hope.

old loonie 22nd October 2014 07:39 AM

in the early days Brian it had to be that way though surely to get your records selling but now after all these years everyone and i mean everyone knows who you guys are and just putting a ub40 album a new one of course in a shop whether its HMV or online should be enough to initially sell thousands of copies before you guys tour it. I would love to know how many sales of an album there are once tour starts to the initial release . Anyway cant wait for this tour to get under way see you in Kent

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