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JB40 6th June 2014 06:54 PM

We're all in it together, part. . . .whatever
In the 1970's and most of the 80's, real wage growth was 2.9%.

By the 1990's that had dropped to 1.5%.

Then when new labour came in to power in the 2000's it dropped again to 1.2%.

Since 2010 and the start of the coalition government real wage growth has fallen to MINUS 2.2% !!!!!!!!!!

Since the 1980's the income growth of the CEO's of the FTSE top one hundred companies has risen by FOUR THOUSAND PERCENT !!!!!!!!!!!!M

Eastender 6th June 2014 07:28 PM

As usual the rich get richer and the poor get poorer:x

Just like at my job which has been 'restructured' which means we are expected to do more for less while the top brass give themselves rises on top of their extortionate salaries:frown:

kate13 6th June 2014 09:47 PM

Yep, I worked in a shop in the 80's you got 1 hr 30 mins for your dinner and breaks combined, Sundays time/hr & bank holidays.

2014 ...8/9 hr shift 30 mins dinner/breaks combined,......No bank holidays, Sundays normal pay..........YES WE'RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER.

kmaker 7th June 2014 05:08 PM

So what's causing it beside greed? Is this part of globalization where workers from foreign countries accept less than what's fair while the rich get richer? Aren't there laws against slave labor designed to protect? Shocking stuff Jimmy. Our government just got busted for not noticing the displacement of Canadian workers to temporary foreign workers that work for slum wages.

kate13 7th June 2014 07:43 PM

K, Why are we putting up it with it, Lack of job security, No union input, When there is union input they are backing managerment for the simple reason, shut up the dole queues are full of people or we'll moved abroad or down South,.

The goverment quite happily agree to BIG Companies/bosses damands, They can't pay more tax, They'll move abroad, They can't pay a living wage, BUT lets keep zero hour contracts they keep the dole queues down.

In a nutshell all things contribute , Mainly the big companies want everything for nothing, why employ 3 staff when one will do.

The biggest culprit, The LABOUR PARTY..........Vote for them, But expect them to stick up for workers rights lol like the con/dems there quite happy to feed a food bank, than deal with the cause.!!!!

From the 80's thatcher took away the rights to strike and picket lines became extinct, blair carried it on, ie workers rights dwingled and here we are today, A strike today won't be protrayed by the media as people rights, 1% pay rise is really bring in the bacon but how people are being put out......Poor parents having to look after their own children, how dare the transport workers disturb my daily commute.oh why don't they just put up with a pittance.

Kodiak 9th June 2014 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by kmaker (Post 1653987)
Our government just got busted for not noticing the displacement of Canadian workers to temporary foreign workers that work for slum wages.

Hey Kmaker, long time...

Rather surprised how many temp foreign workers there are and how crap they were treated. One worker had worked at her job for 22 years and got "fired" so they could replace her for 1/2 her wage. :-(

nephertiti 9th June 2014 06:01 PM

Oh dear ...its a kind of Apathy people are so used to feeling powerless cause even if you have voted for what you thought was right.... y'dont get it

It is quite incredible when I watch TV and you see these who are privileged pontificating about how others should live ...it is quite laughable ...

Foodbanks , the health service on its knees, bad working conditions for those who are lucky enough to have our temporary jobs ..... having the aristocrats making laws ...did I hear correctly that someone had actually suggested taking away child benefit if the child did not go to school?

They need to get a grip of their senses .....people are people ...poverty and frustration are a really bad combination ..... they lead people to look around to find someone to blame .....they are quite happy here in Scotland as everyone can blame Westminster and they believe they have an alternative...the young believe that Scotland will become a Utopia of wealth jobs, great NHS free education ....a very large mass of people who are going to be very angry if people vote No to independence ....it is palpable ...

Don't understand how these people justify it to themselves .....

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