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pp 22nd March 2014 12:43 PM

Competition, Meet The Band
Hi guys, ok a competition, I've had it mind for a while but the set was not decided until the last minute. I have to say this is one of the most enjoyable sets that I have ever played. Anyway, this competition is much easier than the cryptic one that I did.

Ok first person to name the opening song for this tour wins After show meet and greets and my ticket allocation for the show. 2 x tickets. Any Show Of Your Choice.

Please one post per song guess, no long lists hoping to bag it. There is not much time as the first show is…. Tuesday. The winner is the person who's time is first on the post showing the correct track. PM's do not count. The winning post will only have one song choice in it, not song 'a' or song 'b' for example.

Here is your clue. The opening song is NOT 'Rat In The Kitchen'

Good luck everyone

Skirge, The Chef 22nd March 2014 12:58 PM

Fantastic comp Martin :friends:

Who You Fighting For

Skirge, The Chef 22nd March 2014 01:00 PM

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Skirge, The Chef 22nd March 2014 01:01 PM

On the Other Hand

Skirge, The Chef 22nd March 2014 01:04 PM

I could keep going lol but as I a the only one on right now I won't :D

Getting Over The Storm

Skirge, The Chef 22nd March 2014 01:07 PM

:laff: I could list the full discography here

puma 22nd March 2014 01:23 PM

Great comp PP.
Blue Billet Doux x

Burden of shame 22nd March 2014 01:24 PM

Here I am

Junkie Rock Star 22nd March 2014 01:24 PM

My guess for opening song is "So Here I Am" with horn section extended at end....

(and if its not, it bloody well should be)

puma 22nd March 2014 01:29 PM

Midnight rider.

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