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Jaye 10th December 2017 10:43 PM

Glasgow Armadillo, Saturday 9th Dec. 2017
Well where do I start?

Arrived at the Armidillo with Steven H Johnston, Ronnie Johnston and Kirsty Mccreath​ met Ellen Baillie​, Deano Thornton​, Dave Morgan and his lovely wife Elaine, Linda Cook​ and friend, Farida Hamza​ and Heather.

So excited checking where everyone was seated, getting drinks and lining up for the toilets. We took our seats and the lights dimmed.
Then it began. I was up on my feet before the band arrived on stage but that's me all over I get excited when the intro music starts.
BOOM!!!!! There they were. My boys surprised me and did me proud once again.

The Glasgow crowd were Buzzing.

Bringing all the Loonies to the front where we were with lots of dancing space, having fun and banter with the band we were UB struÁk.
One song to the next with and a few amazing surprises we danced and sang from beginning to the unfortunate end.

Ending the night with greeting the band and Matt Campbell​ who were as usual, gentlemen. Taking pictures(David Bailey roll over) for all and having a real good laugh.

Thank you UB40 for a PURE DEAD BRILLIANT night x x x x

swanie 11th December 2017 11:48 AM

What a great time you had!! So nice to read!!!

Jaye 11th December 2017 11:55 AM

Yes I did indeed Swanie.

You're welcome x x x

Sal 11th December 2017 10:06 PM

Great review Jaye. Think it's safe to say you had a blast :grin:

My turn soon come.....can't wait :bouncelblue: :bounce: :bounceyellow:

Jaye 11th December 2017 11:48 PM

Thank you.
Funny you should say that Sal. I do believe I did.

I know you're gonna have a blast too:-D:-D:bouncered::bounceyellow::bounceblack::bouncepurp le::bouncelblue::bounceblue::bounce:

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