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Only Me 24th July 2014 10:01 PM

What the hell .................
... are the media playing at. I am fuming .......................

GTS Images | BRENTWOOD FESTIVAL #4 | #157 The saxophonist from UB40 performing at the Brentwood Festival.

OK this guy is an innocent musician but what the caption says is simply appalling. Brian, Jimmy, is there nothing that can be done?

I know you guys are working on it and you have our total support but Jeeeez :madder:

old loonie 24th July 2014 10:05 PM

Brians got a great sun tan aint he

JB40 25th July 2014 12:28 AM

There are no journalists left these day. They are supposed to be there to inform people, but the average UB40 fan knows what is going on to a much greater degree than most 'journalists'. They don't investigate what they write any more, they just consult google. And probably don't go past the first page. Just filling space.

The media are the first victims of aldi's wilful confusion, then the ticket buying public.

He's putting on as many shows as he can knowing that they probably won't happen. That way he can pocket the ticket money. Even if they only sell a few hundred he'll get his cut. Another looming bankruptcy will make it impossible for fans to get any of their money back.

As far as legals are concerned we are approaching endgame.

DreamBig 25th July 2014 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by JB40 (Post 1654845)

As far as legals are concerned we are approaching endgame.

Great news. Just move the knight to C6 and BOOM! Checkmate.

bruno 25th July 2014 12:17 PM

just see aldi team wanna sell signing off t-shirt (with the COVER OF THE UB40 ALBUM) on the t-shirt !! :
"Ali Campbell il y a environ une heure
We're very much looking forward to playing at Leicester Tigers on Saturday & our fantastic new t-shirts will be on sale there too.."

what a shame, again and again..... :(

hickpaul.96 25th July 2014 12:55 PM

I prefer the white gingery saxophonist...

Its good that AC remembers the UB40 form, cos he may well need to fill one out soon when the long arm of the law catches up with him...and he's no job.

Maybe he could get a job stacking shelves in Aldi, that way he could use the slogan "Aldi, the legendary stacker at Aldi" without and ramifications!

GefferyMorgan 25th July 2014 01:11 PM

I hear the sound of shovels in the distance....yes....it's Ali and Astro digging the graves for their own careers. Astro should have been smarter than this. For over 5 WHOLE YEARS he saw how hateful and vile Ali was being in the media.....and he STILL chose to join him? I don't get it....I never will get it....it's like joining a footie team with 3 games left to go in the season and you KNOW the team is going to be relegated, but you join them anyway.....Astro...you're dumber than I thought you could be.

DreamBig 25th July 2014 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by GefferyMorgan (Post 1654856)
Astro...you're dumber than I thought you could be.

Maybe he's not though. It seems he had money issues. So by quitting UB40 and joining Ali, he joined a venture where the lion's share was split 3 ways instead of 8 ways (I'm assuming that Mickey gets an equal share, who knows though with the way he's been treated).

By using the name UB40, they're able to sell tickets to their gigs and also get a load of festival dates booked as well. This ensures that the money comes in.

He probably decided to fix his financial issues in the short term and sacrifice his long term career. It's certainly immoral, but maybe it's not dumb...

JB40 25th July 2014 04:22 PM

It's all about the money.

UB40 had to work through our bankruptcy. Which means that other people had to be payed before we were. That was just a fact of life.

For aldi and the tambourine player, they wanted money in their pockets NOW rather than later. They tried to hold us to ransom by threatening to leave the band if the didn't get paid. We said 'there's the door'.

The band took collective responsibility for the financial problems we encountered because we wanted to carry on where we left off.

The three that left thought they could run away from those responsibilities and put what they earn into their pockets instead. take the money and run.

Anant is absolutely right. It was a short-term solution to a long term problem.

We figured it would be better to go through that suffering and come out the other end with a long term plan which will set us up for the future. A plan that is starting to show rewards this year.

Which is why our ex singer started to use the name of the band he left 7 years ago. He is trying to cash in on the good will the band has built with our fans over the last few years.

It's also true that both aldi and the tambourine player aren't the brightest people you've ever met, so I think stupidity has a lot to do with it.

kate13 25th July 2014 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by old loonie (Post 1654843)
Brians got a great sun tan aint he

and 37 gota great comb over.

Seriously note, It's all about money yeah, if it goes to court the judge will take a dim view of it all.

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