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lozza. 4th November 2014 06:22 PM

Roll call for croydon.
apart from me.!!!:-)

lozza. 5th November 2014 07:28 PM

gonna be pretty empty then.!!!

JB40 5th November 2014 07:54 PM

It's sold out lozza :bounceblack::bounceblack:

Luci Lockit 5th November 2014 10:32 PM

JB will be there too Lozza!

Luci Lockit 5th November 2014 10:34 PM

And Tina Carmen is in the front row :D

lynnie4ub40 6th November 2014 07:11 PM

Wishing you all a fabulous evening! ! Cant wait for my next turn. ENJOY XXX

queenv 6th November 2014 08:50 PM

Have a great time all

kate13 6th November 2014 10:04 PM

Have a great time all, they'll be plenty of :bouncered::bouncered:

lozza. 7th November 2014 06:30 PM


Originally Posted by JB40 (Post 1657111)
It's sold out lozza :bounceblack::bounceblack:

it sure was, well done the lot of ya......wonder what brian did with the bra:o:o

caja 7th November 2014 07:55 PM

was i there?

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