View Full Version : Hi UB friends

28th January 2014, 10:25 PM
Hi im Lyn. Hopeless on computer. Think this is my 2nd post but had a message with the first. It dissappeared before i could read it. So wouldnt be surprised if i did something wrong!
Anyway, hello, im from Redditch, been a Ub40 fan since 80's although had thing for Michael Jackson for a few years. After going to a couple of UB gigs, Michael got religated to 2nd place and its been Ub40 for me ever since. Trouble is i missed quite a few albums. So now im playing catch up. Only just bought L O L iv! I know! What am i like! So enjoying alternating between that and GOTS. Very excited for April. Going to see Ub40 in Portsmouth and Birmingham. Im wondering how much a programme and t shirt wiil cost? Cant tell you how much i love Ub40. Cant get through a day without their music. Listen to them whilst gettin ready for work. And in the car on the way there and back. Whilst im in the kitchen cookin. And if hubby got sports on tv, i round the day off nicely with more UB! ONE LOVE. thanks. LYN XX