View Full Version : Music's role in the 'Arab Spring' uprising

Soul Adventurer
16th March 2013, 10:34 AM
A month ago I managed to catch some of the Up All Night show on BBC Radio 5 Live. There was a feature on the situation in Tunisia. Music was and is a catalyst for the uprisings there (‘Jasmine revolution’), artists have been imprisoned, some censored. They also inspired the revolution that took place in Egypt.

Here's another piece from a couple of days ago, including a bit of footage:

Africa's revolutionary rappers in home of hip hop
The Arab uprisings produced memorable images of revolt, but they also inspired an explosion of revolutionary rap that introduced local hip hop artists to the world. This week, top Middle Eastern and African rappers brought their message to New York, the birthplace of hip hop, packing out a concert hall in Brooklyn, even though they weren't rapping in English. They spoke to the BBC's Barbara Plett about the challenges of keeping up with post-revolutionary politics, and about why hip hop makes sense around the globe.

One of the participating artists said: "The US hip hop scene got inspired by us in a way because it reminded them of the good old days, when hip hop was all about conscious messages, change - and talking about real things."

BBC News - North Africa's revolutionary rappers in home of hip hop (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21719786)