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13th May 2011, 03:45 PM
everyone has to suffer apparently.
Except no one mentioned that to tory-run Derby city council. They are expected to find savings of 25 million. But, creatively, they've still managed to push through an unnecessary plan to revamp the council offices. The cost ? 50 million. This is being paid for by 600 council redundancies. And closing six childrens centres.

Tory west dorset district council has earmarked a car park for their swanky new offices. Costing 10 million. A poll of local residents showed 160 in favor of the plan. And 2,000 AGAINST ! They ignored that and did it anyway.

Not wanting to be left out labour run rochdale are building posh new state of the art council offices at the cost of 50 million. To achieve their savings target of 64 million, they have started with 750 redundancies. With more on the way.

And finally, my very own Wyre forest district council. They are planning to build new offices with the latest IT and designer furniture. 3,320 signed a petition opposing the plans and calling for a referendum. The referendum was refused. And the plans are going ahead.

nice to see our local councils are prepared to forgo a little luxury in order to maintain frontline services.

13th May 2011, 04:39 PM
Southampton council have done much the same Jimmy, closing local housing offices, or reducing the hours they are open telling council tenants it's to help allow their staff to work in the community.... bollox is it. They really think people are stupid.

They've just spent millions on the Civic Centre, while delaying the Decent Homes putting in new kitchen and bathrooms by 3 years.

I could say more but I can't be arsed, saying anything to the authorities is like pissing in the wind... the rich get richer and the poorer are suffering for it. My socialist head wants to go out and protest but my physical self can't manage it, lol.

love jx

13th May 2011, 04:44 PM
What I meant to add is they could have spent the money on new housing. They could have built a load of houses and new flats with money they've spent. They would have got more rent in and council tax to go towards building their shiny new glass building.

Right I won't say anymore, lol.

love jx

13th May 2011, 04:52 PM
The irony of this new shiny building is it has the local Gateway which is theplace peeps go to claim housing benfit amongst other things.
Though if you call in at the cash office and ask how much to pay on the rent that can't tell you and send you to the local housing office which in my case is closed Mon, Tues and Thursdays. All good fun eh?
Where's the logic?

love jx

13th May 2011, 10:47 PM
No logic Jen and Jim

It has just become so difficult to trust anyone in power whether they are politicians, bank managers ...even chosing an electricity provider has become a major problem...
They keep telling us we have choice ..but are we really getting more freedom?

It seems whoever you vote for change what they stand for...

How can anyone justify spending so much money on such rubbish ..is it because everyone has lost faith and expect those in power to mismanage everything....... so when they do, everyone just takes it?