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rhondda rudie
3rd February 2010, 12:18 AM
A Cardiff taxi driver takes a fare to Bristol airport.Standing outside the terminal building is Bill O'Reilly who sees "City of Cardiff" on the taxi and says "That's where I'm going,can you take me?"The delighted cabby said "Certainly sir".After driving across the new Severn bridge O'Reilly said "Tell me about that bridge." The cabby said "That's the 2nd Severn crossing.It's 1 of the longest bridges in Europe and took 5 years to build". "That's nothing" said O'Reilly "We have a longer bridge in my home town and we built it in 5 months."The cabby thought it a bit arrogant but said nothing.Later they drove past Cardiff castle and O'Reilly said "Tell me about this fort." "This is Cardiff castle" said the cabby "It's 1 of the biggest castles in Britain and took 3 years to build". "That's nothing" said O'Reilly "We have a bigger fort in my home town and we built it in 3 months". "What a horrible b*****d" thought the cabby but,again,said nothing.Then they drove past the Milleneum stadium and,looking in his mirror,the cabby could see that O'Reilly was impressed."Tell me about this stadium" said O'Reilly."I can't" said the cabby."It wasn't there when I left this morning".

3rd February 2010, 12:44 AM
Good one!

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lol.. thats a good one

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