View Full Version : Test :D

Luci Lockit
24th November 2009, 10:44 PM
Who knows how to make a poll here?

25th November 2009, 12:08 AM
Ive no idea :oops:

25th November 2009, 01:04 AM
Haven't tried yet, lol

love jx

25th November 2009, 01:20 AM
Tried it now, it's easy sort of, except I made a mistake on the way I put the choices and couldn't edit them,lol

love jx

Jackie B.
25th November 2009, 02:44 PM
I don't have a clue! (Not a wizz kid)

27th November 2009, 10:43 AM
I have no idea.....on the otherhand never did try....so....

3rd December 2009, 12:44 AM
Just done one (A Pole that is) No offence to any Polish people but it was not that easy to begin with.